National network of pet professionals

Data transformation and a world-class platform drive engagement.

A national network of pet-loving professionals came to us for help connecting with their customers and improving engagement.

At a Glance

A national network of pet-loving professionals was hindered by a legacy website that negatively affected revenue-driven activities and slowed time-to-market. They needed to eliminate those obstacles and improve relationships with pet parents by establishing personalized connections and understanding their pet needs. We partnered with them to modernize the digital ecosystem and improve the customer experience.

The Challenge

Impacting revenue and delaying time-to-market.

A national network of pet-loving professionals had a legacy website that lacked a smooth experience and limited marketing’s ability to make data-driven decisions and connect with their customers. They wanted to enhance communication throughout the pet journey, increase cross-selling and customer retention, reactivate lapsed clients, nurture prospects, and expedite the launch of personalized brand websites.

The Solution

Modernizing the ecosystem to make personal connections.

We leveraged Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) to develop a 360-degree customer view, identified and created audience segments, launched personalized campaigns, and deployed more than 130 individual brand sites.

Additional activities included:

  • Data lake consolidation 

  • Campaign optimization

  • A/B testing for targeted personalization

The Results

Platform upgrade continues to benefit client and customers.

As a result of our partnership, the client realized:

  • Boosted engagement: Monthly customer engagement increased by 27%, and the average email engagement reached 62%.

  • Personalization impact: 13% surge in call-to-action clicks from returning visitors due to personalized messaging.

  • Data transformation: 2.5 million pet and pet parent profiles unified by data profiling and cleansing.

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