Nonprofit organization

Website redesign and platform upgrade boosts conversions.

A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization needed to solidify its digital foundation and make its webpages more engaging.

At a Glance

A large nonprofit, nonpartisan organization wanted to make its webpages more engaging with new features, games, and functionality. The organization also wanted an upgraded AEM website. We delivered a renewed website with the power to increase conversions, improve engagement, and generate cost savings.

The Challenge

Creating an engaging experience for users.

The nonprofit realized that its members had difficulty with the website’s navigation, leading to low engagement. Additionally, the organization was dealing with:

  • A lack of engaging, relevant content on the homepage

  • No method for tracking progress on courses

  • A difficult process for redeeming loyalty points 

  • Cumbersome onsite search

  • Non-responsive standalone games

  • Complex migration of third-party games to AEM

The Solution

An accelerated approach.

We employed an accelerated approach, including implementing our proprietary Coveo AEM connector for content migration, to address the nonprofit’s challenges by delivering a renewed website.

The organization now has an enhanced website that includes:

  • A revitalized homepage and dynamic dashboard for users to track monthly course progress and have easy access to the next course

  • A redesigned cart page so members can view products and courses available alongside their redeemable points 

  • An enhanced onsite search experience, with better user interface

  • Third-party games made responsive while also enabling members to review progress and points earned after each level

The Results

A digital foundation to fulfill the mission.

As a result of our partnership, the nonprofit has experienced:

  • Increased conversions: Intelligent Coveo Search, 70+ mobile-friendly games, and an enhanced checkout experience led to more than 550,000 activations and over 83,000 assessment purchases.

  • Improved engagement: Revamped homepage and easier progress tracking spurred user interaction.

  • Cost savings: Our Coveo AEM connector, automated testing, and efficient collaboration among different vendors expedited project deliverables, saving time and money.

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