MarTech strategy

As customer expectations evolve, so does technology. Your strategy should be flexible enough to support future needs without costly rework. 

Point Of View

Adapt to change​.

A cohesive marketing technology strategy should be future proof. This means that adding new capabilities like data clean rooms, generative content, or retail media networks will feel like evolution rather than disruption.​

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As you grow, your MarTech stack will grow with you. A marketing technology strategy that prioritizes flexibility and growth will serve your teams and customers in the long-term. A strategy that doesn’t do this often leads to siloed data, shadow IT, and inconsistent customer experiences. ​

Customer experience​

Having a marketing technology strategy is imperative in offering your customers a cohesive, personalized customer experience. For example, ensuring the right first-party data is flowing across your stack and serving up relevant insights is key for your teams to execute data-led decisions and campaigns. ​


of consumers expect personalized experiences as a part of their standard service.​

Artificial intelligence ​

As marketers see artificial intelligence (AI) products and services proliferate, understanding how these fit into your marketing and technology strategy is crucial. That means ensuring your organization is set up to take advantage of the benefits in a way that is compliant, productive, and flexible as new tools become available. ​

  • Compliance:  Ensure your marketing technology strategy is built on a strong core that considers security and compliance, especially when considering new AI products.   ​

  • Right-sized tooling: Ensure inclusion of new AI products and tools into your MarTech stack aligns with your core strategy and implementation processes.​

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

Marketing and technology teams often speak different languages; our people are fluent in both. This means we ensure the implementation of truly cohesive marketing technology strategy that makes sense to all stakeholders and serves customers in the best way possible. ​

​Don’t just take our word for it. Explore our Credera Difference series to hear directly from some of our clients about how our partnerships feel. 

  • Explore how Ryan maximized results with a robust customer relationship management and marketing strategy.​

  • Read how a leading pharmaceutical drug maker transformed consumer marketing through MarTech.​

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Working with Credera, it really feels like we are sharing a business problem that we are collaboratively trying to solve, rather than Credera selling us a particular service. Credera combines technological capability, business insight, and deep commercial awareness. They are trusted advisors, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Alexander Thomson​

Partner, Growth Capital Partners

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Vendor-neutral advice​.

Regardless of where you are in your MarTech journey, our vendor-neutral consultants will ensure you are set up for success. ​

MarTech assessment ​

We work with you to answer the question: how mature is your current state and where do you need to mature? ​

Marketing vendor selection

We will help shortlist, score, and select the right partner for your unique organizational structure.

Customer journey mapping​

We work to map customer journeys and frame the experiences your organization is trying to provide your target customers through our tried-and-tested workshops.  ​

Agile marketing operating model

Ensure you are set up for continued success and scale with an operating model that centers on adapting to change. ​

Agile use case enablement​

Learn how to move an idea into production in a strategic and nimble way. ​

Organic marketing​

How effective in your organic marketing? Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts can assess and recommend opportunities for greater success. ​

Retail media network strategy

Our deep understanding of the technology and tools will ensure your paid strategy is as efficient and effective as possible. ​


Discover our partnerships​.

Our strategic partnerships help us provide cutting-edge marketing technology across a diverse range of industries and organizations, positioning brands for lasting success.

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AdobeSalesforceAcquiaOptimizelySitecoreHubspotOracle Marketing Cloud

Our Experts

Leaders across industry and expertise.

At Credera, our leaders bring their experience and backgrounds across industries while seeking to understand the nuance of each challenge. This creates real partnership and results on every engagement.

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Jay Proulx

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