Adobe Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe’s Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) is leading a new era of customer-centricity.


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Adobe’s CJA helps you know your customers at the deepest level possible and make decisions that matter.

Omnichannel insights

No more planning with only partial customer knowledge. CJA unifies all online—and offline—customer data.

Real-time awareness

With CJA you can truly know and act upon your customers’ interests and needs in real time.

Data-driven decisions

CJA goes beyond reporting and offers actionable insights, as well as measurement of the decisions you’ve already made.

Empowering your customer data platform (CDP)

As part of Adobe Experience Platform, CJA integrates with other capabilities, such as governance, artificial intelligence (AI), and activation.

Audience segmentation

Segment your prospects and customers based on the latest behavioral, spending, and account data.

Visual journey mapping

Trace cohorts using custom dashboards and journey maps to truly meet customers at their lifecycle status.

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Breadth of knowledge; depth of expertise.

Our specialists have analytics capabilities across all major platforms and are skilled in both insight generation and data management. They've also earned certifications beyond CJA to include the entire Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem.

They'll help your teams put all your data to work, creating personalized omnichannel journeys that drive conversions.

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