Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Scaling marketing initiatives internationally with a personalized approach.

A leading global pharmaceutical company engaged Credera to assess customer engagement, create new customer journeys, and enhance performance measurement for scaling their marketing across a portfolio of international brands.

At a Glance

Credera supported a pharmaceutical manufacturer in assessing their content strategy, data processes, and marketing technology to determine opportunities to increase their capabilities within consumer marketing. Through implementation of new content management and analytics tools, the global pharmaceutical company was able to create personalized messaging and analyze its performance to prove effectiveness for scaling to additional brands.

The Challenge

Understanding existing data and processes to drive new customer touchpoints.

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, who historically focused on marketing to primary care providers (PCPs), needed to understand and accelerate their consumer marketing processes. They recognized the opportunity to enhance engagement through implementing new technologies to modernize their MarTech and analytics capabilities.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer engaged Credera to assess and create a comprehensive process for one of their brands as a pilot for an enhanced digital strategy. This pilot could then be used to improve consumer marketing at scale across their portfolio of international brands.

The Solution

Building and measuring effective engagement.

Credera assessed the existing content, data, and marketing technology empowering the pilot brand to understand current state. Through this assessment, various digital touchpoints were categorized so the types of engagement could be prioritized based on key drivers.

The Credera team then built new customer journeys—unique to key attributes of the patient—to target increased engagement in the brand’s messaging.

To measure the engagement impact, three MarTech tools were integrated into a common data model to allow for deepened analysis and continuous improvement in the touchpoints created.

The Results

Connecting personally through new capabilities.

To effectively reach their customers, the pilot brand has personalized landing pages to engage with their consumers. These pages are enabled through an integration to a content management system (CMS) that populates dynamic content and layouts based on personalized customer attributes.

The marketing strategists have a clear understanding of what processes and data can empower new campaigns and have a roadmap to maximize development of future capabilities that can continue to accelerate their digital experience strategy. These global pharmaceutical marketers can utilize enhanced analytics through newly integrated MarTech tools to measure performance and provide reporting through easily accessible dashboards.

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