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Strata Homes: Creating a Seamless Home-Buying Experience

Strata Homes partnered with Credera to provide a seamless home-buying experience for their customers

At a Glance

Strata Homes designs and builds contemporary new homes. It is a family-owned business that’s been around for more than a century. Strata asked Credera and their digital agency, Pixelbuilders, to help them create a more seamless home-buying experience for their customers.  

“This work allowed us to streamline many of our sales processes. As a result, our customers’ journey and experience with Strata has significantly improved. Credera’s knowledge and expertise is exemplary. They were thorough in their due diligence at the beginning of the project and were meticulous and strategic throughout the implementation, alongside Pixelbuilders.”

Sophie Moss, Marketing Manager, Strata

The Challenge

Addressing home buying challenges.

  • Buying new homes was a mix of offline and online processes, meaning there was no single view of the customer or their buying journey 

  • Buyers need to sign multiple, often long, contracts – these were all offline, resulting in high printing costs and wasted paper 

  • Homebuyers didn’t get automatically reminded of booked meeting times, leading to missed appointments 

  • Email was the main method of communication with customers but responses were slow – an easier method of communication was needed  

The Solution

Building a custom app for success.

  • Working closely with Strata’s web designer, Credera built an app for customers to track their preferred building and keep all appointment information in one place 

  • Credera enabled salespeople to add videos into the app to offer a more personalised experience for the customer 

  • By integrating Conga Sign, contracts could be sent within the app and reminders could be automated to sign 

  • Enabled customers to see progress of housebuilding in the app in real time 

The Results

Total transformation in productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • By enabling My Account app, customers would be able to contact Strata more easily and see all appointment history in one place  

  • Now Strata can see repeat buyers more easily and better understand their customers 

  • Before the app, each person would have to sign 150 pages of paperwork – the app has saved approximately £10K in paper print postage time 

  • Strata can more easily generate reports on their customer activity and assess progress on KPIs 

  • Salespeople are more efficient now that they can communicate with customers more easily in the application 

  • Customer satisfaction scores have increased since implementing the app 

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