Green Innovation

Discover ways to understand and meet shifting customer needs and innovate to offer sustainable products and services.

Point of View

Leverage the opportunities at the intersection of innovation and sustainability.

To prepare for the impending changes from climate change transformation, organizations need to explore the intersection of innovation and sustainability to identify those opportunities that will help achieve their business objectives, serve their customer needs, and set them apart from their competition.

Credera leverages structured innovation with tools like design sprints to enable our clients to effectively identify insights, generate ideas, experiment, and launch groundbreaking solutions to achieve strategic business objectives and benefit customers with green innovation.


Innovate with environmental sustainability as your guide.

Use proven innovation frameworks and deep innovation expertise to serve environmentally conscious consumers.

Structured Innovation

A structured approach to green innovation enables organizations to grow their markets. Our process focuses on prioritizing efforts, prototyping possible innovations to gain insights early, and pursuing innovations that have a high likelihood of success.

Design Sprint

Move from an idea or problem to a user-tested prototype through a facilitated design thinking workshop to fuel green innovation.