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Transform the way your business operates with our digital and cloud solutions from Microsoft.

Microsoft & Credera

The power of true cloud transformation.

Companies can improve collaboration and communication through modernized cloud platforms; improve enterprise security and data privacy; revolutionize customer insights, as well as uncover meaningful business and data insights; expand margins through process optimization; and deliver new revenues through product innovation.

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Scale and flexibility

Microsoft’s products are designed with scale and flexibility in mind. Organizations can easily scale up to adapt to new geographical location demands or quickly reduce excess spending without affecting existing functionality.

Security and data privacy

Through deep investment in security, Microsoft technologies keep your organization’s data and critical information safe and secure. Organizations can focus on initiatives knowing their security challenges are taken care of.

Collaboration and communication

When integration and access barriers are removed, collaboration and innovation become far easier for your organization.

How We Can Help

Create value with an experienced team.​

At Credera, one of our core values is putting people first. We believe creating strong, collaborative relationships with clients and stakeholders is the key to unlocking extraordinary value for our partnerships. We call this the Credera Difference, and we invite you to hear directly from some of our clients about their experience working with us.​

As a Microsoft Partner, Credera leverages significant expertise and deep industry knowledge to help clients envision, implement, and optimize around their specific digital transformation goals.

Microsoft Capabilities

See how we’re helping our clients.

Credera helps clients improve collaboration and communication through modernized cloud solutions, improve enterprise security and data privacy, revolutionize customer insights with the Dynamics platform, uncover meaningful business and data insights, expand margins through process optimization, and deliver new revenues through product innovation.

Analytics and insights

Enable data-driven decisions with powerful analytics. Uncover insights for smarter strategies and business growth using Microsoft Azure.

Cloud governance

Elevate your cloud strategy with robust governance. Ensure security, compliance, and efficiency seamlessly.​

Marketing and MarTech enablement

Empower your marketing prowess with our MarTech solutions by elevating campaigns leveraging Microsoft Dynamics.​

Data governance and compliance​

Navigate data complexities confidently. Ensure compliance with robust governance for seamless business operations.​


Streamline development, enhance collaboration. Achieve efficiency milestones with our Microsoft-powered DevOps solutions.​

Modern workplace​

Transform your workplace experience. Boost productivity and collaboration with our modern Microsoft-enabled solutions.​

Azure migration factory​

Seamless migration to Azure. Unlock agility and scalability with our tailored solutions at the Azure Migration Factory.​

Cloud security and compliance​

Fortify your cloud journey. Achieve unmatched security and compliance benchmarks with our Microsoft-powered solutions.​

Sales and direct to consumer​

Empower sales strategies. Connect directly with consumers using Microsoft-powered solutions for dynamic results.​

Data science, AI, & ML​

Unleash data's potential. Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with our Microsoft-centric solutions for transformative insights.​

Modern data architecture​

Revolutionize data handling. Build a modern data architecture for agility, efficiency, and sustained innovation. ​

Process automation & RPA​

Automate processes effortlessly. Elevate efficiency with our Microsoft-powered solutions for seamless automation and robotic process automation (RPA).​

Solution Designations

Our Microsoft Partner Solutions Designations.

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner specializing in Digital Transformation and Data and AI, we collaborate with industry leaders to provide customized solutions, professional insights, and enhanced confidence in cloud deployments.

Our Experts

We’re available to talk—and here to help.

At Credera, we’re only as good as our people, and we bring a highly skilled and diverse set of experts together for the benefit of our clients.​

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Scott Kerfoot



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