Platform engineering

Evolve the IT operating model with programmable infrastructure and modern governance.

Why it Matters

Evolve your IT operating model.​

Platform engineering is a key component in gaining value from your cloud investments and ensuring IT teams are focusing on areas that matter to the organization.

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Automate for efficiency​

In a well-managed environment, automation makes things simple, reducing staff time spent on manual tickets and providing a better experience for users of the cloud systems. 

Cost control​

By tagging your environment correctly and using this data for forecasting, your organization can make data-led decisions on cloud costs and answer questions such as “how much does it cost to run our ecommerce system?” 

Productive and focused teams​

Does your team know where to focus to get the best out of cloud? Transforming norms and aligning teams around clear cloud-related outcomes improves accountability and ensures the benefits of moving to the cloud are truly realized.

How We Can Help

Experience the difference​.

We have developed a cloud reference architecture that builds the groundwork for creating value. We also share 12 guiding principles with our clients so they can evaluate options in the context of their architectural vision. ​

We approach cloud change with a broad skillset so we’re able to communicate with all team members and ultimately implement change that sticks. Hear from our clients on how it feels to partner with us. ​​

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Excellent knowledge and perfect values and behaviors demonstrated. Credera fit a niche in technology architecture guidance with real world expertise.


Head of Cloud Adoption, UK Banking Group

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Explore our platform engineering offerings.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to high quality cloud architecture, cloud implementation, and new ways of working. Clients choose us to help based on our understanding and experience in this space. ​

Platform architecture and set up

Evaluate the right cloud architecture for your unique organization to ensure scalability, reliability, and security.

Global availability architecture

Design and implement infrastructure that assures your cloud ecosystem is accessible and performs optimally around the world.

Cloud automation and AI ops

Simplify IT operations with an automation-first approach and utilize AI ops to bolster areas like availability.

Cloud security and compliance

Put measures and protocols in place to protect data and ensure regulatory adherence.

Tagging and instrumentation

Add metadata and monitoring tools to enhance tracking, management, and optimization of cloud infrastructure.

Billing and cost optimization

Understand, forecast, and monitor your cloud costs to ensure you’re getting true value from your investment.

Operations transformation

Rethink and redesign teams’ ways of working to better align with the agility and scalability of the cloud ecosystem.


Discover our partnerships.​

Taking our people-first approach, we leverage our partnerships to deliver cutting-edge products that meet our clients' specific needs.​

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AWSgoogle cloud partnerMicrosoft

Our Experts

Cloud expertise spanning regions​.

Adopting our people-first approach, our team of experts take a holistic approach to cloud and keep the customer at the center of everything we do.​

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Kim Batson

Senior Alliances Program Manager


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James Breeze

Managing Director


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Chris Lewis

Managing Director and Engineering Lead


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