Cloud migration & app modernization

Reimagine applications and ways of working in a cloud landscape and accelerate their modernization.

Why it Matters

Migrate and modernize the way that works for your organization.​

Migrating and modernizing in the cloud space often takes more than a one-size-fits-all approach. The right migration approach hinges on the technology, dependencies, and economic factors at play with each specific application. 

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Prioritize your data strategy and engineering expertise to leverage data already within the organization to unlock insights in the customer or operational experience.​


Cloud migration and application modernization is enmeshed with change, which often comes with resistance or concern. Ensure your approach doesn’t just migrate the application but focuses on the people integral to the process and works with them to adapt and adopt necessary changes. ​


ochange initiatives fail due to employee resistance to change and lack of management support.​

Artificial intelligence​

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming central to the cloud space and will continue to rise in importance. Organizations who want to win with cloud must include AI in their migration and modernization journey. ​

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

At Credera, one of our core values is integrity. We believe integrity is essential in driving real results when modernizing or migrating a cloud ecosystem. Our experience in the space means we’ve tried a lot of different things and have seen what doesn’t work and have learned from that. We bring knowledge to every cloud engagement and call it the Credera Difference. We invite you to hear directly from some of our clients about their experiences working with us.​ ​ When it comes to cloud migration and application modernization, we support our clients as they go through major change to their cloud structure. Teams around the globe bring their expertise in many different technologies to find the right, tailored approach to your cloud migration and application modernization needs. ​​

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The Credera team’s technical expertise, deep understanding of our business, well-thought-out methodology, and focus on change management were all critical to this project’s success. We ultimately achieved amazing breakthroughs in our technical infrastructure and business outcomes thanks to the team’s tremendous accomplishments. They were just what we needed to overcome the considerable hurdles that we faced.

Senior Director, Data Governance and Engineering​


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Explore our cloud offerings.​

Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, our technology-agnostic experts will ensure you are set up for success. ​

Portfolio discovery

A critical initial phase to assess IT infrastructure, applications, and data and gain an understanding of the digital portfolio. ​

Cloud migration

Move applications and data from on-premises servers to a public cloud or from one public cloud to another.  ​

Total cost of ownership

Create a complete view of all costs to supporting a cloud environment including labor, real estate, utilities, software, and other considerations.​

Application modernization

Optimize, scale, and incrementally update existing applications to a cloud-first model.​

Application rationalization

Strategically analyze the right next steps for the application portfolio across the organization.​

Operating model integration

Adapt the organization so it is prepared and effective in running cloud services.​


Discover our partnerships.​

Our strategic partnerships help accomplish cloud migration and application modernization across a diverse range of industries and organizations, positioning organizations for lasting success. ​

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AWSgoogle cloud partnerAzure

Our Experts

Leaders across industry and expertise.

At Credera, our leaders bring their experience and backgrounds across industries while seeking to understand the nuance of each challenge. This creates real partnership and results on every engagement.

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