Professional Baseball Organization

Unlocking the future of operations and research by establishing cloud foundations.

Credera partnered with a professional sports team to build cloud foundations and enable future team operations, analytics, research, and development.

At a Glance

Credera collaborated with a professional sports organization to create robust cloud infrastructure and empower the evolution of team operations, analytics, and research. The newly developed baseball operations application supports secure, state-of-the-art, and centralized management of infrastructure, adhering to best practices. The client team is now well equipped to address and implement new features following the successful launch of a minimum viable product (MVP), ensuring a more comprehensive and responsive product experience.

The Challenge

Developing new infrastructure in the face of legacy systems.

The professional sports organization was challenged to enhance, deploy, and maintain their legacy operations application due to a dated application framework with limited infrastructure-as-code usage. Two generations of applications and analytical databases were increasingly unable to process new data pipelines and volumes. Credera partnered with the client’s internal systems team to provide coaching and guidance to architect and build a new infrastructure to support data and analysis needs.

The Solution

Creating a product infrastructure to support business needs powered by AWS.

Credera began by assessing the current state with the aim to identify architecture, DevOps processes, and data pipeline integrity for the future. By partnering with the client, Credera co-created a product vision for a new sports operations application by leveraging modern frameworks powered by AWS. To create and support data and analysis needs, Credera developed new cloud infrastructure using AWS CDK, set DevOps standards, and built data pipelines for previously unintegrated or manually loaded information.

The Results

Meeting business needs with secure, best practice-based, and centralized infrastructure management.

Credera and the client team created a new sports operations application and infrastructure that ensures secure, best practice-based, and centralized infrastructure management. The professional sports organization is now leveraging product development standards and agile ways of working to streamline and prioritize development. Post-MVP launch, the team will be better prepared to address new features to meet business needs.

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