Leading Quick Service Restaurant

Ecommerce transformation realized through technology strategy assessment.

Leading global quick-service restaurant creates competitive advantage after technology strategy assessment and pilot program implementation.

At a Glance

One of the world’s largest quick-service restaurant chains, serving over 70 million customers in more than 100 countries daily, engaged Credera to make recommendations to improve quality while reducing time to market for software deliverables. This initiative eventually lead to four pilot programs to implement the recommendations. The restaurant is now much more competitive because of the decreased time to develop and deploy new initiatives resulting in improved quality and consistency.

The Challenge

Global deployment pain points.

Mobile application capabilities vary across countries due to localization, market, and culture needs resulting in multiple versions of applications existing in production. For this leading global quick-service restaurant, deploying customer-facing updates across the enterprise takes six months to a year and often has low-quality results.

The Solution

Technology assessment and pilot program implementation.

Credera was engaged to make recommendations to improve quality while reducing time to market for software deliverables and to lead four pilot programs to implement the recommendations. Throughout the course of the partnership, Credera contributed the following:

  • Assessed the restaurant’s current technology processes to understand constraints, pain-points, and bottlenecks.

  • Utilized Credera’s delivery and governance framework to identify key areas of improvement​.

  • Created an initial strategy to incorporate quick wins into the development of four high-priority company initiatives.

  • Developed a roadmap in which the initial strategy will be evaluated and updated based on real-time feedback from the different development teams. 

The Results

Competitive advantage realized.

Implementation Action Plan​

Crafted an action plan for further implementation of new development work which will reduce time to market and increase efficiency of the development processes while improving overall quality and consistency.​

Verified Technology Strategy​

Solidified an initial technology strategy plan with a pilot program for four customer-centered initiatives. Led client in the implementation of recommendations to ensure results are achieved​.

Quick Market Response​

The strategy plan will eventually allow the client to be more competitive in the market by decreasing the amount of time to develop and deploy new initiatives with improved quality and consistency.

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