Elsevier: Publishing innovation with Salesforce.

Credera and Elsevier partnered to align data and teams across the organization, improving efficiency and quality.

At a Glance

Elsevier publishes around half a million scientific and medical articles each year across more than 2,500 journals. Elsevier’s 300 publishers are responsible for the quality assurance and commissioning of their 120,000 editors across the globe. They engaged Credera to implement Salesforce to connect their publishers and editors around the globe in one place. 

The Challenge

Disjointed data, knowledge, and systems.

  • Publishers worked in disparate systems, so could not easily set KPIs or track progress to compare editor performance

  • Publishers did not have a central knowledge base, hindering collaboration and productivity 

  • Tracking relationships and engagements with editors was manual, leading to errors and lack of visibility

  • Data capture was labour intensive, leading to incorrect data and inability to draw insights from data

The Solution

A modernized cloud platform that aligns with business goals.

Through our partnership, we supported Elsevier by:  

  • Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, tailoring it for their needs 

  • Retiring Elsevier’s legacy systems 

  • Connecting the Editor Relationship Management Solution to underlying Elsevier Data Management hubs 

The Results

Better alignment, connected data, increased productivity.

As a result of our project, Elsevier experienced the following: 

  • Elsevier's editor data is now aligned across the business so can be shared and consumed seamlessly 

  • With connected data, Elsevier can drive even more quality and insights 

  • Automated administrative processes have increased operational efficiency 

  • By replacing multiple legacy systems with one off-the-shelf solution, Elsevier has increased productivity and saved money 


Matt Parkes

We chose to partner with Credera because of their honesty and experience. Every project we’ve done with Credera has gone smoothly.

Matt Parkes

Matt ParkesHead of Sales & Marketing Technology, Elsevier

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