Heathrow Airport

Driving revenue with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Heathrow Airport engaged Credera to improve their VIP service and streamline processes.

At a Glance

Heathrow is the United Kingdom’s only hub airport. In 2019, it saw 81 million passengers passing through. Heathrow offers a private VIP service for the world’s most discerning passengers. Bypassing the main terminals and other passengers, offering relaxation in total privacy in personal lounges, where check-in and security are taken care of. It is a seamless, private, and personal travel service. To ensure a seamless, impactful customer experience, Heathrow partnered with Credera to modernize their systems and streamline processes. 

The Challenge

Slow, manual systems creating poor user experiences.

The previous system Heathrow used for its VIP service was offline and manual, leading to the following challenges:

  • Booking speeds were not as fast as they could be

  • The user experience had added complexities

  • The sales process was not “end-to-end”, meaning it could not be carried out using one system

The Solution

A centralized, modern Salesforce Service Cloud platform.

Our teams identified Heathrow’s pain points, developed a strategy, and crafted the following solutions: 

  • Implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud to enhance the booking experience for those looking to travel  

  • Integrated the VIP Community to a payment gateway 

  • Introduced Salesforce Service Cloud to streamline allocation of lounges and luxury services 

  • Implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage relationships with key corporate accounts 

The Results

Higher revenue, increased process efficiency, better customer experiences.

Through our partnership, Heathrow experienced: 

  • 6.7% increase in revenue YoY, including Jan 2020 as their best performance month on record  

  • Increased process efficiency and enhanced customer experience 

  • Heathrow can now analyze drop-off and act accordingly to increase conversion rates 

  • Ability to take split payments across credit cards, invoices, vouchers, and pre-paid credit 

  • Customers can now self-serve and book return journeys as a single booking  

  • Team able to make instant updates to the Community to reflect changes, for example, during COVID-19 

Daniel Edwards

We trust Credera with our highest profile customer details – trust is everything to us. Then through the pandemic, Credera was always on hand to help – like that friend you can go to when things around you go wrong.


Daniel EdwardsVIP and Premium Services Lead, Heathrow Airport

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