Developing a technology roadmap to optimise IT investment and align key stakeholders

Credera equipped the CIO of a defence R&D agency with a roadmap to align stakeholders and establish enduring processes.

At a Glance

The agency was struggling to coordinate a diverse IT investment portfolio, making decisions with incomplete data and not communicating benefits effectively to stakeholders. Credera engaged with teams across the agency and its suppliers to build a centralised architecture repository, including analytics dashboards, and a visually rich technology roadmap.

The Challenge

Lack of programme and project tracking to inform decisions.

The agency had recently established an Enterprise Architecture function and had yet to build a centralised architecture repository to understand their complex IT landscape and their technology investment portfolio. Their programme and project tracking was inadequate and they were unable to combine data into a central analysis dashboard to inform decision-making. At the same time, they were missing opportunities to optimise their transformation programme and unlock business benefits faster, whilst struggling to effectively communicate the benefits of their digital transformation to the business.

The Solution

Mapping the landscape, centralising data, and building a technology roadmap.

We engaged with technology teams across the agency and external suppliers to capture architecture, capability, and investment data for the entire IT landscape. This centralised data repository was used to derive powerful insights on spending, business benefits, and scheduling.

We synthesised the range of change activity into a visually rich technology roadmap, emphasising the transformation programme’s benefits.

We also transitioned the data, tools, and techniques to the agency’s Enterprise Architecture team to continue to support their technology leadership.

The Results

Powerful decision-making tools to optimise digital transformation.

We delivered the first end-to-end architecture map of the agency’s IT landscape which highlighted duplication, risks, capability gaps, and investment spending. This enabled the technology leadership team to better understand and optimise their digital transformation programme for the future. We equipped the CIO with a visually rich roadmap to align technical and non-technical stakeholders to the future vision, and established enduring processes to maintain the architecture repository and roadmap data for future planning.

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