Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport: Making the most of every customer interaction with Marketing Cloud

Gatwick partnered with Credera to provide a 360 degree view of customer data, and improve the customers' journey and personalized experiences

At a Glance

London Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in the UK and pre-COVID-19 pandemic was home to over 50 airlines, flying to more destinations than any other UK airport, with over 46 million passengers passing through the airport every year.

As part of their commitment to give passengers the best experience, Gatwick Airport addressed their passenger communications. They enlisted Credera to bring disparate data into the Salesforce platform, which would also power their omni-channel marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Improving the view of the customer.

  • Improve data collection and visibility 

  • Provide personalised communications for all passengers 

  • Improve customer experience and develop Gatwick’s marketing strategy 

The Solution

Unified data and more personalised experiences.

  • Implement Salesforce Service Cloud and Social Studio to provide a unified view of the customer 

  • Implement Marketing Cloud and integrate with other 3rd party solutions to support personalised customer communications 

  • Promote use of Salesforce Chatter for improved collaboration across teams

The Results

Unified data and more personalised experiences.

  • Unified 360 degree view of customer data, with data captured from twitter and Facebook, and from 3rd party applications, such as loyalty programmes and parking bookings

  • Improved collaboration across teams 

  • Gatwick’s marketing team now uses Marketing Cloud to not only follow and track conversations, but also join them in real-time, and act to provide the best possible passenger experience

  • No longer reliant on emails alone for passenger communications

  • Passengers receive tailored content based on their individual journeys and circumstances, including everything from bespoke advice for their particular destination to help with parking directions

  • Increased acquisition for the ‘myGatwick’ loyalty programme

  • Gatwick’s Marketing team can now evolve customer journeys without the need for IT support, enabling continuous improvement

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