Leading airline

Bolstering allyship at a major airline through inclusive workshops.

A leading airline engaged Credera to facilitate workshops for senior leadership that explored privilege and opportunity within society and its impact in the workplace.

At a Glance

Credera partnered with a major airline to lead allyship workshops for over 100 participants, enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DE&I) understanding, fostering empathy, and creating a culture of inclusivity. Through interactive exercises and open discussions, team members learned about the business case for DE&I and deepened their connections with colleagues.

The Challenge

Deepening the understanding of allyship and DE&I across employees.

One of the airline’s internal DE&I groups is comprised of employees across the company’s technology teams who aim to build a deeper understanding of DE&I within the organization. As part of the group’s mission, they engaged Credera to share an introduction to the business case for DE&I, facilitate an opportunity walk, and a team activity called “opportunities for sale.”

The Solution

Creating an open, engaging environment for valuable discussions.

We created and delivered content for the airline that explained the business value proposition for DE&I, which included its impact on employee retention and a discussion on the differences in opportunity and privilege. The allyship workshop also included interactive exercises that encouraged over 100 participants to talk with their team members, share their individual experiences, and explore the privileges that are most important to them.

The Results

Increasing understanding, connection, and allyship across the organization.

Participants left with increased understanding and empathy for their coworkers, deeper connections with those around them, and a heightened propensity for allyship after learning more about the priorities of their colleagues. The workshop yielded high engagement and allowed team members to be vulnerable in a safe space and the airline continues to conduct workshops across their business units.

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