Jun 06, 2022

The Three Pillars of Digital Transformation



The Three Pillars of Digital Transformation

Do you ever wonder about the “secret ingredients” for developing a successful digital ecosystem? We’ve taken a close look at some of the high-impact digital transformation projects Credera has contributed to and highlighted the key elements to long-lasting digital success.

While digital transformation is a holistic process that engages multiple disciplines, it relies on three core business dimensions.


Your company, both the organizational structure and its people, must adopt, promote and reinforce a culture that prioritizes risk-taking and speed, with an even greater focus on customer experience.

So how do you know if your company meets this standard? The answers to these questions should provide some guidance:

  • Do people in your organization feel empowered to fail occasionally in the pursuit of improvements, or do they tend to stick to the tried-and-true?

  • Is your organization a bureaucracy with process manuals, or is it a “get it done” company that’s quick to try new approaches?

  • Can you deploy talent into new projects and opportunities on a dime?

These are hallmarks of powerful, digital-ready cultures.


Companies with a long-term vision can transform their digital ecosystems more efficiently because their employees are united in their approach, working toward the same goals.

  • Does your company have a two-year vision?

  • Is everyone in your company excited about it?

  • Are all teams engaged in bringing that vision to life?

If you lack this unifying ingredient, your company can easily lose focus. Start defining your long-term vision today and make sure to engage your key internal stakeholders in the process.


Enterprises with a strategic focus that operates in tandem with a unified vision are likely to succeed in their digital transformation endeavors.

  • Has your company taken its long-term vision to the next level by turning it into an action plan with realistic, measurable objectives?

  • Has it allocated resources to continuous improvements, or does it take a wait-and-see approach and let development happen only when absolutely necessary?

  • Does it invest in growth areas — AI, data and analytics — that may take time to master but set your company for long-term growth?

Bottom Line

No doubt about it, building a powerful digital ecosystem is challenging. You need to assemble, evaluate and hire experts from dozens of specialties, organize and adopt change-management best practices to align internal processes, sometimes change organizational structures, develop a vision and have it accepted, then create a strategy and select the right digital toolset.

It’s a lot to do, and most enterprises need help with it. But do it correctly, and you’ll start reaping the rewards. Our Strategy team can help you get there. Schedule a call to talk with them about the right approach for your business.

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