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Thinking for Tomorrow: How Credera Celebrated Green Week 2022

Priya Kane and Christian Buechel

On April 22, 2022, Credera kicked off our second annual Green Week – a week-long series of global activities designed to promote internal awareness of our sustainability efforts. The week saw our UK and US offices coming together to deliver a succession of virtual and in-person events with the aim of affecting internal change and giving back to our community.

Here is a recap of the week's events:

Service Day 2022

Service Day is a day when Credera US steps away from our daily work and comes together to serve our local communities. On Friday, April 22, 2022, approximately 700 Credera team members participated in 57 events with 27 organizations across 9 cities. In a single day, Credera team members contributed over 3,000 hours and ultimately impacted over 72,000 people in our communities. Learn more about the event here.

Rewilding CSR Day

To kick things off in the UK, twelve members of Credera’s UK team utilized one of their two annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days to take part in a rewilding project at Hampstead Heath Park. Volunteering with Heath Hands, the team spent the day chopping down dead trees and using the wood to rebuild hedgerows in an effort to protect migratory nesting birds.

Speaking of the day’s activities, Credera’s UK CredClimate lead Sophia Bell said, “It was great to have the opportunity to contribute to such a worthwhile project and lend our support. We place a lot of value on our CSR days at Credera as they allow us the time to really live out our core values and do our bit for the community.”



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Photography Competition

To coincide with Earth Day, Credera’s Social and Sustainability teams launched a green-themed photography competition, "What does sustainability look like to you?" The competition invited colleagues to submit photos of anything that, in their eyes, encapsulates the sustainability theme.


"It's little things like me remembering I now have a garden, so I don't have to throw food away, I can put it in the garden and let nature have at it!"


"A glimpse of one of my small conscious contributions to support sustainability. Selecting a place to live with good light and air drying my clothes, this is one of the small steps that I am taking to show support for a sustainable future."


With an eye toward combating fast fashion and reducing landfill waste, our UK CredClimate team organized a swap shop event, "CredExchange" within each of our office spaces. Colleagues were invited to bring in and adopt quality items including clothes, books, and games, that were in need of a new home. ​Any remaining items left over from the event will be delivered to a local charity shop.

Green Week Book Club Special

As an extra nod towards our sustainability efforts, we held a Green Week Book Club where members were invited to read and unpack the environmental handbook "There is no Planet B". The book explores some of the common myths surrounding carbon reduction and offers insight into what individuals and organizations can do to reduce the threats that we face.

Katherine Hockley, Marketing Manager and Book club member, said “We had a great discussion around the facts we learned as part of this activity, how we felt about them, and ultimately what it made us want to change in everyday activities. For example, a commitment to shop at local greengrocers after seeing that the grapes in the supermarket were flown in from South Africa!“

Green Week Speakers

We had the pleasure of hosting Rewilding Britain’s Kate Barclay for a Green Week lunch and learn special, "Rewilding Britain". In her talk, Kate built a case for rewilding projects in the UK and explained the impact that the charity’s work has had on our local communities and environment.

To close out the week, we were joined by Cindy Hua of Dallas-based environmental watchdog group, Downwinders at Risk, to engage in a session focused on what air pollution is, how Downwinders at Risk monitors air quality, and the impact of their community science efforts. This session was a continuation of the Environmental Racism Lunch & Learn that took place in March. During the session, CredClimate brought Evelyn Mayo to speak on behalf of Downwinders at Risk to cover information about the organization, key efforts and campaigns in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, and environmental justice as an overarching topic of discussion.

By keeping the learnings of the past week in mind, we will continue in our efforts to build a better future for our people, our clients, and our communities.

Life at Credera

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