Mar 19, 2024

A holistic approach to true digital transformation

Dan Martino

Dan Martino

A holistic approach to true digital transformation

When companies with fragmented processes or poor organizational structure buy and implement the latest and greatest technology, it may solve certain challenges, but it can’t address fundamental business and organizational issues. No matter how advanced, technology is merely an enabler. While it can be pivotal, it won’t make a business successful on its own.

A successful digital transformation starts with a strategy that’s derived from answering the hard questions with honesty and transparency to determine the best path forward. It’s important to clearly understand why the transformation is needed, how it will be measured, and the challenges the organization faces.

That’s followed by technological enablement, putting the right pieces in place, in the right order, to empower teams to do their best work in the most efficient way. Then processes and resources should be continually optimized to ensure return on investment, constantly evolving how capabilities are used to deliver customer and business value.

That’s true digital transformation, and we’ve united as one global consulting firm under the Credera brand to bring that to our clients.

A holistic approach to true digital transformation image 1
A holistic approach to true digital transformation image 1


To position a company for real success, it’s critical to start with an understanding of its goals, blockers, and pain points. A detailed vision of the company’s present and future states, along with a strategic plan to get from point A to point B, gives teams the resources and skills they need to deliver impactful solutions that drive business value.

We work with our clients to develop that strategic plan and determine the tools that will future-proof their ecosystems and empower them to confidently navigate any challenges that come their way. We also help them make the right adjustments to align their people and processes with their technology to achieve business goals and make the most of their investment.

When everyone is connected by a clear understanding of a company’s strategy and objectives, that stronger sense of purpose promotes collaboration and productivity and drives success.


Implementation is the bridge between strategy and success, and we orchestrate seamless transitions to maximize the benefits of technology. In most instances, a diverse set of technologies and processes must be integrated across various business functions to achieve this, and we specialize in customizing and executing those types of initiatives.

Done correctly, the implementation of next-gen technology automates and streamlines processes, improves agility, and connects key operations across organizations. This technological foundation empowers teams to increase marketing reach, speed up time to market, and unlock enhancements like personalization at scale.


The journey doesn't end with implementation. We help our clients operate and optimize their digital ecosystems and take data-driven decision-making to the next level. They’re able to continually deliver holistic, personalized customer experiences and iteratively improve processes across departments.

An optimized operating environment enables team members to work smarter and achieve more in less time, eliminating potential bottlenecks and refining workflows, leading to faster time to market, less employee frustration, and more customer satisfaction.

We specialize in:

  • Enabling our clients to use accurate data to guide business decisions.

  • Leveraging experimentation to continuously improve experiences.

  • Identifying areas to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Case study: Holistic approach results in award-winning experiences for luxury automaker

As an example of what we do for our clients, our teams recently partnered with a leading luxury automaker to purposefully execute the strategy, design, and development of its digital customer experiences. The company’s business challenges included an organizational structure prone to silos that made alignment across regions and departments challenging, technical debt from legacy systems that hindered innovation, and limited unified customer profiles that prevented personalization across channels. 

We began by spending time to understand the nuances of the departmental structure and the methods of alignment and creating an assessment of the current state of the company’s digital ecosystem, while we completed a large-scale agency transition.

With a thorough understanding of where the company was and where it wanted to be, we helped the automaker focus its strategy and collaboration toward digital initiatives, resulting in improved cross-team/cross-channel collaboration, better communication through recurring cadences, and the connection of various markets through group planning.

To better inform customer experience decisions for the site and better anticipate customer needs, our team implemented new A/B testing protocols and migrated the data warehouse to a new cloud-based environment to enable advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Meanwhile, our Adobe-certified specialists continued to architect and develop efficiencies and optimizations in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and redesigned customer profiles to enhance personalization and optimize omnichannel experiences.

These efforts led to a 16% increase in the click-through rate of call to actions and a 187% increase in the click-through rate of personalized homepage content. The resulting website was also recognized as a leader in customer web experience by an independent third party. 

Because of our partnership, the automaker is now able to deliver personalized, seamless customer experiences across channels and achieve its digital transformation objectives.

A holistic approach to true digital transformation Image 2
A holistic approach to true digital transformation Image 2

The bottom line

At Credera, we’re not just consultants or implementers; we are enablers and drivers of transformative change. We offer a full-service approach, operating digital ecosystems from end to end, ensuring that our clients have unparalleled support every step of the way.

Schedule a call with our specialists to learn more about our approach and capabilities.

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