Large Restaurant Services Industry Operator

Migrating digital media properties to Google Cloud Platform for business value and resilience

Credera and a large restaurant services industry operator partnered to migrate guest-facing technologies to Google Cloud for improved business value, customer experience, and operational resilience

At a Glance

Credera partnered with a leading restaurant service industry operator to migrate a leading restaurant chain’s website from a co-located data center to a scalable, performant, and cost-effective solution on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Credera provided digital strategy, experience design, mobile, responsive web, ecommerce, and analytics professional services for the operator.

The Challenge

Implementing architecture that allows for growth and scalability

The restaurant service industry operator was hosting a leading restaurant chain’s website from a co-located data center in Dallas. Fixed hardware provisioning impeded daypart scalability and user response times were negatively impacted by the lack of geographically distributed edge nodes. The operator sought a solution that could rapidly scale to accommodate peak daypart and seasonal demand without incurring costs for excess hardware during off-peak times, while also improving response times to boost online conversion rates.

The Solution

Migrating to Google Kubernetes Engine to support growth

Credera designed and implemented a horizontally scalable microservices architecture for the restaurant’s website and containerized these services with Docker. Credera provided thought leadership and helped the restaurant service industry operator migrate the containers to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Additionally, Credera established log-based metrics and alerts, enabling the operator’s support partners to provide real-time support for application issues.

The Results

Achieving a scalable, high-performing website

The restaurant service industry operator successfully migrated the restaurant chain’s website to GKE with Credera’s assistance, achieving a scalable, high-performing, and cost-optimized ecommerce website. Ultimately, the operator demonstrated business value in the cloud and created the blueprint to migrate additional websites to GCP.

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