Sep 18, 2020

Innovation at Credera: How to Identify and Prioritize Business Ideas

Cameron Weinert

Cameron Weinert

Innovation at Credera: How to Identify and Prioritize Business Ideas

Innovation at any organization requires structure and a plan to get ideas off of the whiteboard and into the market.

At Credera, we guide companies to innovate through a structured approach that combines design thinking with a systematic process. Our goal is to walk with you along each step of the innovation journey as you look to prioritize opportunities for innovation, pursue a new idea, and prototype a solution.

Over the next few weeks we will share how to bring your ideas to life through our structured innovation process.

How to Approach Innovation?

Organizations are full of ideas on how to grow, scale, and improve their business. Across business units, stakeholders from all levels have a vision for how they think the company should accomplish its goals. As the list of ideas grows over time, it becomes more daunting as the list grows longer and the resources get busier. Prioritization is critical when it comes to achieving success with innovation.

But how do you choose where to focus? How do companies know which ideas will be valuable to the user, feasible to accomplish, and financially viable to the organization?

Here at Credera, we work with you to identify and prioritize business ideas to provide a clear direction on where to invest based on your objectives, resources, and vision for your business. From our two-day prioritization workshops to building out a robust innovation strategy, our team will partner with you each step of the way to identify the right next step for your organization when it comes to innovation.

Innovation does not have to be risky. By following a proven structure, we can help you prioritize and grow your business today. You bring the courage; we will bring the strategy.

Learn more about how Credera helps companies prioritize their ideas in the video below or reach out to us at

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