Jan 15, 2018

Design Sprint

Gabe Macias

Gabe Macias

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Credera Design Sprints

Ideas to Insights in One Intense Week

Go to market faster and more effectively without the worry of user adoption and product effectiveness —Take out the guess work and test your product with real users

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ux design it management

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a five-day process that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing


  • Identify the problem to be solved

  • Map the user journey

  • Establish what to focus on for the week


  • Build inspiration through lightning demos

  • Conduct design thinking exercises to brainstorm solutions

  • Create individual solution pitches


  • Critique individual solution pitches

  • Capture the best ideas and agree on a single solution

  • Storyboard the prototype’s flow


  • Create a working prototype for user testing

  • Add realistic content

  • Write a user interview script


  • Conduct user interviews

  • Observe users’ interactions with the prototype

  • Assess the validity of the solution based on user reactions

Did you know?

Testing just 5 users would turn up 85% of the problems in an interface.

via @MeasuringUI and @InVisionApp

Should I Run a Design Sprint?

Design sprints don’t work well in every situation, but are effective when…

Challenges are ComplexYour challenge is business-critical and requires in-depth thought

Fresh Thinking NeededYou’re looking for a fresh perspective from yourself, experts, and users

Market Validation NeededYou need to find out how the market will react to your new ideas or product

Time is of the EssenceYou need to get to insights quickly in order to decide how to proceed

Credera Client Stories

Don’t take our word for it…Listen to what some of our clients said about the impact design sprints had on their business

Hilton partnered with Credera to explore new ways to engage a global employee base


When Hilton approached us, they had several internal apps used by their employees across 5,000 hotels in 100 countries. Hilton’s goal was to create one streamlined app for all employees to use.


Credera joined forces with Hilton’s Digital HR team to run a design sprint to discover what core functionality, features and structure would best serve Hilton employees across all departments.


  • Identified a feature set that would benefit the largest group of employees to ensure successful adoption

  • Set up three user testing stations in a hotel breakroom to expose the prototype to actual users from a range of departments from housekeeping to catering to operations

  • Adjusted the prototype based on testing feedback to better accommodate users across a wide spectrum of mobile technology experience

A leading fabric wholesaler engaged Credera to help market a new product online


Fabricut, the largest private wholesaler of decorative fabric in the United States, serves interior designers seeking fabrics and accessories. Fabricut sought to expand its product offerings to include built-to-order upholstery and finishing services.


Credera partnered with Fabricut’s product, marketing, and IT leadership to conceptualize the online shopping and upholstery customization experience. Over the course of the design sprint, we collaborated to produce and test a working prototype with existing Fabricut customers.


  • Validated customer interest in the new line

  • Narrowed the target customer segment based on characteristics of customers interested

  • Uncovered previously unknown customer needs related to product customization

  • Devised a working implementation plan for the Fabricut team to take the product to market

“Credera was essential in facilitating the design sprint, providing thought leadership and diverse perspectives throughout as well as delivering a summary of key takeaways and next steps coming out of the design sprint process.

Erica CaryDirector of DigitalHilton

“Working with Credera was such a beneficial process for me. The team was so organized and professional and it made our process more open and productive. I would love the opportunity to work with them again.

Jodi FinerCreative DirectorFabricut

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