Nov 07, 2019

Credera’s Innovation Process

Jake Carter

Jake Carter

Credera’s Innovation Process

Design projects can often be a messy journey – chaotic and unpredictable without proper structure, but with the right support, a linear process with consistent, focused insights.

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In this document, “Credera’s Innovation Process,” our team explains our four-step innovation process to move companies from highly ambiguous need-awareness to defined solutions.

  1. Identify – Where should we focus our innovation efforts?

  2. Ideate – How should we prototype, test, and iterate to hone our thinking?

  3. Incubate – How do we execute our innovation to bring it to market?

  4. Iterate – How do we organize to innovate on a repeatable basis?

We are passionate about moving companies towards a structured, innovation process that predictably generates value. Learn more about our innovation work with clients here, or reach out to a Credera innovation expert at below if we can partner with you to achieve your transformation goals.

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