Jan 04, 2021

Credera in 2020: A Year of Growth

Sarah Bruner

Sarah Bruner

Credera in 2020: A Year of Growth

As we reflect on 2020 at Credera, our team is struck by the theme of growth. Global growth through acquisition and the growth of our people through new opportunities and projects. However, it’s not just measurable growth that characterizes our year. Crederians have grown through learning from others through our Credera Listens panel series, our career coaching program, and our employee resource groups.

With growth comes change. Credera has changed visually through a rebrand and also through the switch to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve changed how we connect with one another through virtual happy hours, care packages, pet photo challenges, and many other creative ideas. We’re excited about the growth and change that has taken place at Credera.

Credera Stories of Support

We wanted to share a few stories of how we’ve cared for one another through this growth, because coming together to support one another is who Credera is.

“Early in 2020, I became very sick and my career coach, Kathryn Thompson, took the time to drive to my apartment in the middle of a workday and personally deliver a care package of homemade chicken soup, tea, and medicine. I was so touched that she cared so much to check on her teammate. She truly motivates me to be a better person!” – Hannah Falkenberg, Consultant, Management Consulting

“I’ve had some challenges starting virtually as a new hire here. But the Experience Design (XD) team, especially Ryan Chen, has made sure that I’ve been integrated into the team. We have weekly meetings with Carolina Herrera as a way to continually onboard, and it's been so helpful to have that outlet to ask any questions that arise during the week! The XD team have definitely made me feel welcome and excited to continue working at such a fun place.” – Emmie Davis, Designer, Experience Design

“When my grandfather passed away in early 2020, Emily Dunn immediately offered to take over my client responsibilities. When it happened, I didn’t really want to talk about the situation—and Emily sensed that and jumped in to help without making it a big deal or drawing attention, which I really appreciated. She quietly supported me and made sure I was OK. It was all so very kind and compassionate! – Anna Grace Franklin, Senior Consultant, Data & Analytics

Looking to 2021

We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for Credera. We have a suspicion that it’ll include even more growth and opportunities for our people to find new ways to make an impact on our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We do know that each step of the way will be guided by the cultural values and deep care for one another that has gotten us through the challenges of 2020 and the many years before that. We’re so thankful for each Crederian who makes Credera such an inspirational place.

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