Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Creating a cohesive brand that makes patients top priority.

Credera and a leading pharmaceutical company partnered to develop a brand and communication strategy for a new company function.

At a Glance

One of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies formed a new function within their company to coordinate advocacy activities both globally and regionally. As a newly formed group, they did not have a cohesive brand or communication style in place. They engaged Credrea to develop a communication strategy for this new function. Credera provided a path forward with a focus on consistent and impactful messaging wrapped around a cohesive brand. Through the partnership, we created 12 detailed strategic recommendations, compiled a current state analysis across 47 categories, and devised a brand identity for the company to educate its team of 20,000 employees worldwide about the importance and impact of the new group function.

The Challenge

Driving cross-regional collaboration with a consistent brand.

A leading pharmaceutical company engaged Credera to join forces with their newest group function to develop a logo, identity system and messaging strategy. The new group function is part of an internal initiative at the pharmaceutical company developed to align the functions and individuals engaged with patient and professional organizations both globally and regionally. As a newly formed group, they did not have a cohesive brand nor communication style in place. They understood that developing a cohesive strategy would drive awareness and increase collaboration. By devising a brand identity, the pharmaceutical company’s goal is to educate its team of 20,000 employees worldwide about the importance and impact of the new team within the company.

The Solution

Developing a new brand and communication strategy.

Credera assessed communication at all levels and provided a path forward for the pharmaceutical company with a focus on consistent and impactful messaging, wrapped around a cohesive brand.

In order to develop a communication strategy for the new group function, which was looking to drive cross-region collaboration by developing consistent and impactful messaging across all regions, Credera took the following approach:

  • Assessed current state and future vision of the new group function's communication​.

  • Conducted interviews with key stakeholders across regions​.

  • Benchmarked the company's communications against best-in-class organizations​.

  • Developed strategic findings and recommendations based on interviews and benchmarking analysis​.

  • Created branding content, including a style guide and templates for newsletters, presentations, digital signage and various branded logos and graphics.

The logo design took direct inspiration from the three elements that make up the core of the new group function – pharmaceutical company, partnership and patient. To cultivate better awareness and acceptance across teams, Credera divided the audience of pharmaceutical company staff into three categories (executive, director, general), and established messaging strategies tailored to each group.

The Results

Established a path forward with branding and communications.

Strategic Recommendations​

Collaboratively developed 12 detailed recommendations with level of effort, cost, impact, and priority, as well as optimized standard operating procedures for the primary communications processes. 

Current State Analysis​

Compiled a detailed report of themed strategic findings across 47 categories and five criteria with summary and detail views​.

New Group Function Branding​

Created a branding style guide, branded templates, and various branded artifacts to drive cohesively themed communication across regions.

The new group function not only ensures consistent messaging and design across the pharmaceutical company’s digital communications such as e-newsletters and PowerPoints, it also differentiates the function from separate but related, groups within the company. What’s more, messaging and tone of voice guidance has eased the burden on managers and directors for articulating the value of the function to their teams.

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