Improving hiring through omnichannel growth.

EmployBridge and Credera partnered to extend EmpolyBridge's omnichannel capabilities and improve hiring processes.

At a Glance

EmployBridge is a national leader in staffing and workforce solutions placing 400,000 employees in jobs annually. A shortage of applicants triggered by a gap in skilled workers and a 16-year low of 4.3% unemployment was limiting company growth.​ EmployBridge wanted to streamline the communication to applicants to get them on assignments before they moved on to a competitor.​ Credera was engaged to extend the omnichannel capabilities and EmployBridge’s investment in their new inContact call center as a service (CCaaS) platform.

The project saved countless hours by removing 90% of the manual steps involved in sending out key communication to associates and streamlining CRM activities by millions of associates. ​

The Challenge

Finding new ways to improve communication.

EmployBridge is a national leader in staffing and workforce solutions placing 400,000 employees on jobs annually. A shortage of applicants triggered by a gap in skilled workers and a 16-year low of 4.3% unemployment was limiting company growth.​

EmployBridge wanted to streamline the communication to applicants to get them on assignments before they moved on to a competitor.​ ​ EmployBridge completed the migration to their new call center platform in August 2017, but were struggling to leverage its full capability.​

The Solution

Building a solution for change.

Credera’s integration team began with an envision phase to determine the capabilities of the inContact platform and how best to leverage its capabilities. ​

We worked closely with EmployBridge’s search and support call center team to identify a multi-phased integration strategy connecting their Dynamics CRM-based applicant tracking system to inContact’s CCaaS platform.​

The integrations included an agent call hub to screen pop information on the caller; a search and extract applicant contact data to feed the ProactiveXS auto-dialer and bulk SMS sender; auto-logging of phone calls, SMS messages, and other activities to the applicant’s CRM record. ​

The Results

Improving efficiency and productivity.

Increased productivity - 80% productivity increase for SAS agents resulting from ProactiveXS, agent call hub, and SMS integrations​.

Reduced "No Answer Calls" ​- ProactiveXS integration revamped SAS's call handling paradigm resulting in reduced "no answer calls."​

Less manual steps​ - SMS integration removed 90% of the manual steps involved in sending out key communications to associates​.

Leveraged existing core systems​ - Integrated with existing screening and onboarding processes and applications, thereby providing a unified experience for end users.​

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