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Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Embracing and prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is a strategic business initiative at Credera and necessary for our growth and each team member's wellbeing.

We strive to create a culture that is an inclusive environment for everyone, and to build a workforce that is reflective of the communities and clients we serve. This is how we thrive.

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Chris Jackson
Ivette Gonzales
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Diversity makes us better.

Diversity in thought and background empowers us to challenge the status quo and find creative solutions to complex problems. We firmly believe investing in DE&I drives optimal outcomes within organizations and in the marketplace.


Leads to belonging

Organizations that are diverse and inclusive experience the highest levels of employee engagement (9.8 times higher) and 5.4 times higher employee retention.


Inspires innovation

Companies prioritizing DE&I initiatives are 70% more likely to succeed in new markets and 45% more likely to improve market share.


Drives success

Ethnically diverse organizations experience 30% more revenue growth; gender-diverse companies thrive with a 48% outperformance differential.


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Leveraging learned best practices from our internal DE&I experiences, we’re committed to helping clients transform their own workforces with DE&I practices.

Credera has a propriety approach and proven set of services, backed with extensive change management expertise, that meet companies where they are and equip them to take the next strategic and sustainable step in their DE&I journeys.

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Explore our thinking.


Building diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforces.

To advance our DE&I journey, we developed a 5-stage Maturity Model that guides our internal assessments. We additionally leverage this model when helping clients mature in their DE&I initiatives.

Stage 1: Compliance

Ensuring organizations are complying with government mandates that promote diversity in the workplace.

Stage 2: Awareness

Defining and tracking important metrics vital to our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our firm.

Stage 3: Application

Empowering employees by implementing strategies designed to foster diversity and inclusivity internally, such as forming employee resource groups (ERGs).

Stage 4: Integration

Normalizing our previously applied DEI&W strategies, to embed our DE&I mission and goals into our business’ goals.

Stage 5: Innovation

Transforming into a firm that is recognized globally as an inclusive workplace while also empowering new DE&I measures and ideas.


A look into DE&I at Credera.

We have many initiatives at Credera that create space for our people to connect, be inspired, and create change.

Credera Celebrates

Our Credera Celebrates team plans meaningful events and informative communication. They promote awareness of the holidays, festivals, and celebrations important to Credera team members and the communities we live in.

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Social connection

Credera encourages organic, self-managed interest groups as a form of social connection and inclusion. They provide the option to connect and build community with other team members of a similar identity or interest. Some examples include regional running clubs, film clubs, and history clubs.

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Diversity committees & boards

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee incubates and initiates firm-wide activities to promote diverse perspectives, attract and retain talent, and foster belonging. Our Shadow Boards exist to provide insight, feedback, and ideas to senior decision-makers and ensure decisions are made with input from a variety of perspectives in the firm (including seniority, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality).

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Building stronger communities.


Building stronger communities.

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) provide opportunities for team members to build relationships with others who share common interests, backgrounds, and ideologies. Each ERG has their own mission and strategies to make an extraordinary impact on our colleagues, business outcomes, and community.

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Our progress in reflection.

"As a firm powered by our people, diversity, equity, and inclusion are mission-critical priorities that collectively ensure every Credera team member is treated with respect and care, uniquely supported throughout their career, feels like they are a part of the family, and ultimately has the opportunity to be their whole and best self at work.

DE&I must be woven into the very nature of our daily activities, core to our company’s DNA and strategy, and etched into the hearts and minds of our people. We are committed to fostering a culture where everyone belongs and can thrive to make an extraordinary impact on our people, our clients, and our communities."

– Nickoria Johnson, Global Chief Diversity Officer

Our progress in reflection.
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