Collision repair service

Site migration simplifies content management, cuts costs.

Partnership streamlines authoring processes, improves performance, and creates a better all-around user experience.

At a Glance

A premium collision repair company found that their legacy website was underperforming, and their authoring process depended on an external agency to make even the smallest updates.

We created a Drupal-based solution to provide a better content authoring system and easier navigation for improved accessibility and a better user experience. The client realized more efficiency in their processes, a larger audience reach, and cost savings from addressing their cumbersome processes.

The Challenge

A lack of streamlined authoring and limited buildout.

One of the largest providers of premium collision repair services in the U.S. had a legacy website that was challenged by limitations, including a cumbersome content authoring experience.

The content team faced several issues:

  • Dependency on an external authoring agency, even for minor content updates

  • Unavailability of content version history

  • Subpar homepage performance and accessibility issues

  • Unclear menu navigation

  • Fragmented user journeys due to dependencies on third-party integrations

The Solution

Redesigning the experience on a modern Drupal platform.

We recommended a transition to Drupal, as the client would greatly benefit from its content management system and lower cost of ownership. The outcome was an enhanced site with experiential features, including:

  • Seamless user journeys created around location identification, payments, customer support, and digital marketing, with plug-ins to third-party integrations

  • New homepage design optimized for performance

  • Improved experience across all devices, with ADA compliance

  • Redesigned navigation in an uncluttered, intuitive layout

  • An admin console to manage web forms and email templates and enable content versioning

The Results

Better content authoring and cost-efficient performance.

As a result of the Drupal migration and our partnership, the client has realized the following:

  • Effortless content authoring: Inline edits and smoother third-party integrations led to a faster authoring process.

  • Improved performance: An optimized page design reduced page-load time.

  • Larger audience reach: Improved accessibility for mobile and tablets increased audience reachability.

  • Cost savings: Implementation of Drupal 9 made maintenance easier and lowered operational costs.

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