Bushnell Golf

Streamlined checkout process boosts engagement, conversion rate.

Seamless customer journey boosts conversions 30%.

At a Glance

Bushnell Golf's product may be niche, but they still tailor to customers looking for a specific product. However, they found that site visits weren't converting to purchases. Together, we resolved to transition them to BigCommerce for a better commerce experience. Our solutions included better visual design, more immersive experiences, single-page checkout, and guest checkout. The results included a 30% increase in conversion rate, a reduction in cart abandonment, and better customer engagement.

The Challenge

Visits to site didn't convert to purchases.

Bushnell Golf, an industry leader in high-performance sporting goods, wanted to increase website conversions and reduce their customer drop rate.

Additional concerns:

  • Subpar user experience

  • Inadequate reflection of the luxury brand on the website’s look and feel 

  • Inadequate presentation of products to high-end users

  • Non-scalable architecture

The Solution

Transitioning to BigCommerce provides a better commerce experience.

While Bushnell Golf’s product range was ideal for the niche luxury market and customers were visiting the website multiple times, they weren’t actually making many purchases.

To address this, we upgraded their commerce process and enhanced the site’s user experience:

  • Transitioned to BigCommerce to enhance the overall commerce journey with faster speed-to-market

  • Augmented visual design and created immersive experiences to reflect Bushnell Golf’s luxury brand

  • Implemented single-page checkout for a quick buying experience

  • Allowed for “guest user checkout” to enable users to easily purchase products without registration

  • MACH deployment led to efficiencies & reduced IT support created saving opportunities

Tools Implemented
  • BigCommerce

  • Google Analytics

The Results

Seamless customer journey leads to a 30% boost in conversions.

As a result of our partnership, Bushnell Golf experienced the following results:

    • With BigCommerce, Bushnell Golf’s conversion rate jumped 30%.

    • Single-page checkout and enhanced UX design led to increase in complete transactions.

    • Rich user interface and user experience boosted engagement.

David Barth

Thanks for all your help pulling this off. We've had a great week for the brand!


David BarthDirector, Ecommercev

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