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Salesforce Marketing Cloud transforms campaigns for online eyewear provider.

The client's existing marketing platform was being sunset in six months. Wanting to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade, they looked to Credera to increase the sophistication level of their marketing program and address some fundamental issues.

At a Glance

A leading online eyewear provider wanted to increase the sophistication level of their marketing program but needed to move quickly because their existing marketing platform was being sunset. They looked to us to determine the best platform and address such issues as standardizing data, removing inactive contacts, and supporting dynamic content.

We transitioned the client to Salesforce Marketing Cloud within the required timeframe and ensured there was no disruption in their email marketing programs or campaigns. Overall results included enriched customer experiences, detailed reporting that enables data-driven decision making, and optimized data architecture that enhances the client’s reputation and marketing reach.

The Challenge

Replacing a marketing platform with a more sophisticated solution.

One of the most forward-thinking, tech-savvy companies in the online optical industry was going to lose its existing marketing platform in 6 months, giving the company little time to pivot and maintain its email marketing program.

In addition to the end-of-life situation with its platform, the client also wanted to upgrade its platform and address the following issues:

  • Data coming from multiple sources without any standardization

  • Unengaged/inactive contacts not being removed on a regular basis

  • Out-of-the-box reporting that did not meet business needs

  • Lack of support for dynamic content or the creation of robust behavioral triggers

  • Manual processes for several functions, including management of promotional codes

The Solution

Transitioning without disruption to better support customers.

Our specialists transitioned the client to Salesforce Marketing Cloud within the required timeframe and ensured there was no disruption in email marketing programs or campaigns.

Our team began by evaluating the client’s database and identifying data that needed to be standardized and cleaned, then transformed multiple data points into a standardized format and established best practices on data ingestion to keep the database clean in the future. In all, we removed more than 50,000 invalid records that had bounced or were identified as spam and standardized 10 fields.

The next phase involved the implementation of two new dedicated IPs. This required a “warmup” process in which emails are slowly sent out to Internet Service Providers to establish the client’s reputation; our team optimized the process by sending emails to the most engaged audiences first, steadily boosting our client’s reputation.

Upon completion of the IP warmup, sender scores reached all-time highs, indicating an excellent sender reputation and enhanced reach for their email campaigns. This allowed them to deliver timely emails to more customer inboxes to drive sales.

We also delivered:

  • Unique customer experiences that display dynamic content based on specific behaviors

  • Custom analytics dashboards and reports

  • Six integrations, including functionality for abandoned cart/browse, text messages, coupons/promo codes, data lake, and dynamic content generation

  • Three email templates to provide ease of use for platform users

  • Preference Center landing page template to decrease the unsubscribe rate

  • 70+ automations, eliminating the need for manual intervention

  • Migration of 17 million records

The Results

Enriching customer experiences and enabling data-driven decision-making.

As a result of our collaboration, the client now has:

  • Enriched customer experiences that drive engagement and conversions

  • Detailed reporting and analytics that enable data-driven decision-making

  • Optimized data architecture that enhances sender reputation and marketing reach

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