Optimized data and customized reports enhance marketing ROI

Customized reports and optimized data enhance marketing ROI

At a Glance

HFF Inc., a leading provider of services to owners of commercial real estate, faced difficulties informing their advisors about different properties and prospective buyers. They realized it was critical to identify their top campaigns and take action on those that were underperforming. We partnered with the HFF team to set up Adobe Analytics, which helped them drill down into specific information about prospects and deliver more insightful reports to their advisors.

The Challenge

Difficulty keeping advisors informed about potential buyers and their respective interests.

HFF, a leading provider of services to commercial real estate owners, was having a hard time keeping advisors of various properties informed about prospective buyers and their interests. 

To drive success in its campaign efforts, it became critical for HFF to identify the top-performing campaigns and take appropriate action on ones that were underperforming.

Additional concerns:

  • Lack of insight into potential leads

  • Identifying conversion fallout

The Solution

Customized tracking and analytics solutions provide needed details.

We worked closely with the HFF team to implement Adobe Analytics with a goal to capture the metrics needed to gauge user behavior.

Notable reporting features included:

  • Customized campaign tracking and defined marketing channel rules

  • List of users who have shown interest in properties

  • Ability to identify traffic by region and drill down into each region’s data by campaign

  • Ability to identify users’ fallout rate and fallout page(s) based on marketers’ needs

  • Ability to automate, schedule and deliver reports with the flexibility to identify user details

Tools Implemented
  • Adobe Analytics

The Results

Customized reports and optimized data enhance marketing ROI.

As a result of our partnership, HFF Inc experienced the following results:

    • 75% more KPIs offered enhanced insights.

    • Better understanding of campaign traffic provides actionable information.

    • Scheduled reports allow for targeting of visitor’s interests.

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