Global Bank

Transforming market abuse and conduct surveillance for a global banking group.

Credera defined and implemented business operating model change and technology target state to increase effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the Surveillance function.

At a Glance

A global banking group were struggling with siloed surveillance detection systems and each presented many false positive alerts. Working procedures were oriented around individual alerts, whilst users were missing integrated analysis capability. Credera redefined their operating model, covering organisational design, team skills, and capabilities, and kick-started integrated analytics to tackle their siloed ways of working.

The Challenge

Improve surveillance effectiveness to better manage the bank’s risk.

The bank’s existing surveillance initiatives were extending jurisdictional and risk coverage, but through a series of siloed deployments of detection technology, used by an increasing number of disparate teams. The function faced increasing volumes of alerts, and many false positives requiring review. The siloed organisational structure and technology deployments resulted in individual teams focusing on specific areas of data or a subset of the overall risk. This created challenges in mapping back to the overall risk picture. There was a lack of experience in conducting a more integrated analysis and investigative approach.

The Solution

Design and build of a new business operating model and analytics platform.

We presented a vision of an integrated future for their technology, teams, and ways of working. We then kick-started the integrated analytics initiative, providing programme and technical leadership to tackle the silos.

We also supported the broader change programme on compliance, privacy, and data sharing to accelerate the delivery of the programme.

The Results

Transformed organisational structure and ways of working supplemented by integrated analytics platform.

We delivered a coherent vision to the global management team, enabling team re-organisation, staff skills development, and the beginning of an integrated analytics initiative.

Our team managed cross-border data approvals for the programme across 60 countries, defined the target state architecture, and produced a multi-year roadmap journey for the analytics programme.

We also raised staff awareness and engagement through communications and transformation showcases, which were held at major hubs and sites across the globe.

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