Ocean Technologies Group

Ocean Technologies Group unites its brands with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Ocean Technologies Group partnered with Credera to transform their business, increase sales opportunities and drive collaboration across global operations

At a Glance

“Credera has helped us to successfully transform the business, increase sales opportunities and drive collaboration across our global sales operations. We look forward to developing the Salesforce journey of continuous improvement together with Credera to support and guide us through this transformation.”

Abigail Clarkson, Global Sales & Data Operations Director

Ocean Technologies Group, a global learning and operational technologies company, has invested in Salesforce Sales Cloud to bring together their six brands and prepare for rapid growth. They have also entered into a three-year partnership with Credera to support them in the implementation and maintenance of Sales Cloud, and to provide continuous improvement support and project management for future Salesforce initiatives.

Ocean Technologies Group’s Chief Revenue Officer expects Sales Cloud to prepare the company for scalable growth by standardising sales processes and providing a single view of the customer across the group.

The Challenge

Diverse platforms, low adoption, and visibility.

  • Ocean Technologies is the parent company of six brands, all working on different platforms

  • One of the brands was using Salesforce didn’t see wide adoption

  • There was no standard sales process across the brands, resulting in a lack of visibility at group leadership level

The Solution

Strategic Salesforce migration and training.

  • Credera partnered closely with Ocean Technologies to understand the systems they needed to migrate to Salesforce

  • Credera provided best practice advice and guidance on how to utilise the Sales Cloud solution to maximise efficiency

  • Credera trained teams on how to get the most value out of Salesforce to impact user adoption from the start

The Results

Boosted insights, collaboration, and adoption.

  • Increased visibility for leadership about how the entire business is performing 

  • Increased collaboration within and between brands

  • Increased Salesforce adoption over time

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