Global Technology Company

Transforming a global technology company’s IT support operations.

Credera helped this global technology company outsource IT support services to improve support coverage, quality, and innovation.

At a Glance

This global technology company was growing at a rate of 20% year-on-year. Their IT department had been focused on accommodating this growth whilst maintaining service quality, meaning innovation was suffering as a result. They needed to outsource their IT support but were struggling to do this effectively, leading to additional costs and increasingly frustrated stakeholders. Credera helped transition them to new providers, shared best practice ways of working, and helped create a global operating model to accommodate future geographic expansion.

The Challenge

Outsourcing IT for continuous support whilst maintaining quality.

This global technology company was growing at a blistering pace and as a result, their IT efforts were going into supporting this growth. They realised that they needed to outsource their IT support operations in order to get back to innovation but had little experience in executing such a programme. Building upon years of experience on client and supplier side, we authored tender documents, managed the subsequent negotiations and commercial processes, and transitioned them to new suppliers within a tight timeline.

The Solution

Offered independent advice and handled the transition on the company's behalf.

As independent and trusted advisors, we worked alongside the client’s operational and commercial teams to determine their challenges and requirements. Drawing on our experience, we created the necessary documentation, managed supplier negotiations, and sourced the right suppliers for their needs.

We also created a future-proof operating model that could be scaled to react to further geographic expansion.

The Results

Quality around-the-clock support achieved.

We successfully transitioned this company on to a new suite of suppliers and created an operating model to reflect the company’s appetite for growth. For the first time, the business had a truly global IT service, capable of servicing its needs around the clock across all locations.

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