Agile & DevOps Transformation

Modern technology has thrust organizations into a rapidly evolving competitive landscape. We partner with IT organizations to identify and apply practices that enable the agility and velocity necessary for businesses to win in today’s marketplace.

Point of View

Enable agility and velocity.

Many IT organizations struggle to identify and establish the necessary technical foundations and practices that eliminate inefficiencies, reduce lead times, and improve quality. These organizations can’t move quickly with confidence without accounting for and mitigating the risks inherent in the process of software delivery and operation. Lasting change requires sustained investment from executive leadership to foster generative cultures, focus teams on problem solving, and promote a safe environment for experimentation and learning. We help organizations transform to produce these enduring business results.


Create enduring technology transformation.

We work with you to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce lead times, and improve quality while focusing on tangible outcomes that create lasting business results.

Organizational Change Management

Focus on the people factors around deploying a new technology or way of doing business that lead to successful transformations, increased adoption, and full realization of intended benefits.

Architecture Assessment & Design

Assess and transform systems with modern architectures that are optimized for rapid, multi-dimensional change.

DevOps Assessment & Strategy

Assess the maturity of current DevOps practices, including code and configuration management, application architecture, infrastructure management, continuous integration/continuous delivery, testing, monitoring, team organization, and product management. Then we define strategies to make meaningful improvements.