Analytics & Insights

Enable data-driven decision-making supported by a strong analytics foundation and timely, actionable insights using tools tailored to your organization.

Point of View

Act on the data that matters to your organization.

The landscape of data and analytics is dynamic, and the ability to properly understand and embrace this constant flux is what separates industry laggards from leaders. We partner with organizations at any stage of that journey, from assessing analytical maturity, to building a foundation for analytics, to developing best-in-class reports and dashboards. Throughout the process, Credera will pull insights from your data and provide analytics that will allow your organization to run more smoothly, reduce operational inefficiencies, and allow for better decision-making.


Enable data-driven decision-making.

Create a path to leverage the full scope to your organization’s data through dashboards, data visualization, self-service enablement, advanced analytics, and other capabilities.

Analytics Foundation

Consolidate all your data into one location through data cleansing, data modeling, and master data management best practices to ensure all the information within your organization is accurate and reliable.

Tool Assessment

Leverage a current state assessment to understand your analytical maturity and long-term data strategy to select the best tool for your businesses reporting, data visualization, and advanced analytics needs.

Data Visualization

Get your data prepared for modern data visualization tools, extract insights from the data you already have, and come away with dashboards, reports, and analysis tools that support your vision of becoming a data-driven organization.

Executive Dashboards

Combine and simplify reporting efforts across your business to get reliable, actionable, and insightful real-time and historical analytics such as organizational KPIs, trend analysis, and revenue forecasting.

Self-Service Enablement

Standardize metrics and KPIs across your organization to empower your employees to become citizen data analysts and build reports on their schedule using the data that matters most to them.

Advanced Analytics

Use and augment your existing data to solve complex business problems, and provide the tools to the experts in your organization to implement the solution.