Credera Community Impact

The mission of Credera Community Impact (CCI) is to use STEM to make an extraordinary impact on people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures who are circumstantially blocked from achieving their full potential.

Our Objectives

Supporting people who are circumstantially blocked.

We believe our greatest impact is made in partnership with our community organizations to maximize the great work they are doing. CCI was founded to thoughtfully and continually support those who are circumstantially blocked from reaching their full potential.

Inspire those around us.

Coaching, mentoring, and tutoring all work together to inspire each person to reach their full potential. Our team is passionate about offering these intangibles to enable others to thrive.

Create meaningful impact.

Providing resources and tools to help people learn and overcome challenges is at the heart of what we do for our clients every day. We take those same skills to our partner organizations.

Amplify community voices.

Leadership, operational excellence, and strategic direction is the backbone of any successful group. We partner through services such as pro bono consulting, Board membership, or fundraising support to help our partners succeed.

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