Nov 21, 2023

Unleashing Innovation: Five Insights from Salesforce Week of Innovation

Credera Team

Credera Team

Unleashing Innovation: Five Insights from Salesforce Week of Innovation

This year, we had the pleasure of being Gold sponsors of the Salesforce Week of Innovation event. As always, it was a great opportunity to meet old friends and get to know new faces, and of course get educated! The five half-day sessions were jam-packed, each brimming with insights that left us buzzing with excitement. Let’s dive into the key takeaways from the event shared by our team.

1. Quick wins to deliver tangible value

The overarching theme of the Public Sector keynote session centred around speed and agility. Our CTO, Keir Bowden, pointed out the focus here being on swiftly going live with a targeted range of services rather than getting lost in huge long-term programmes. Here are the main points:

  • Agile deployment: The focus is clear – quick wins with a small set of services. This aligns perfectly with our ethos of delivering tangible value quickly. Check out our offerings here and contact us to schedule a call with one of our experts if you’d like to learn more. 

  • AI caution: Approaching AI implementation with a strategic plan is paramount, especially in the Public Sector. Careful planning and preparation are essential. It’s not just about flipping the AI switch, it’s about orchestrating its role thoughtfully. 

There was real attention towards artificial intelligence and the 360-degree view of the customer that powers it. However, planning for AI is key – it’s not plug-and-play magic.”

Keir Bowden, CTO

2. Navigating digital communications

Anna Bedford, our Senior Account Executive, caught Dr. Simon Eccles’ compelling session on the state of digital communications in the NHS. Putting aside the number of fridge magnets NHS service users need for all the paperwork; it was about transforming engagement and efficiency. The key learnings are:

  • Digital barriers: Understanding the hurdles in digital communication within the NHS is pivotal to creating an effective strategy for overcoming these challenges. 

  • Holistic engagement: The power of best-in-class communications across all channels cannot be overstated. It not only aids understanding but significantly improves engagement and efficiency. 

“Dr. Eccles painted a vivid picture of the NHS digital landscape. Efficient communication is far more than a convenience – it’s a necessity for the healthcare system.”

Anna Bedford, Sr Account Executive

3. Embracing change culture

Jim Llewellyn, Head of Business Success at Credera, was thoroughly impressed by Dana Cuffe’s culture-inspiring talk at the Technology session. Dana, Group COO of Miller Insurance, focused on cultivating an organisation receptive to change. Here is the key messaging Jim highlighted:

  • Comfort with change: Accept that change triggers reactions. Acknowledging this reality across all levels of a company, whether employees or clients, is the first step in fostering a culture comfortable with change. 

  • Bold action: Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. Dana’s advice to be bold and just get started really struck a chord. 

“Change is inevitable, and Dana reminded us to embrace it. Be bold, take action, and don’t get caught up overthinking.”

Jim Llewellyn, Head of Business Success

4. Small steps, big impact

Our SVP of Retail, Media and TTH, Nessa Marriott, enjoyed a fantastic panel discussion with SimplyHealth and DPD at the Service session. The focus? Implementing AI in manageable steps. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Start small, think big: AI implementation doesn’t have to be an Everest climb. Start with a single process, involve a small team, and iterate. Measurement, learning, tweaking – it’s a cycle. 

  • Change management: Bringing people along on the AI journey is non-negotiable. The speakers emphasised the pivotal role of change management in this process.  

“Starting small is the key. Measure, learn, and bring your team along the journey. Change management is essential for effective AI adoption.”

Nessa Marriott, SVP for Retail, Media and TTH

5. AI in Service Cloud: Einstein Copilot

Roger Carpenter, our Senior Service Manager, delved into the enlightening session on using AI in Service Cloud. Einstein Copilot took the spotlight, promising a smoother user self-service experience. Roger’s insights:

  • Einstein Copilot: This innovative AI component of Service Cloud is set to revolutionise user self-service. A game-changer for elevating customer experiences. Find out more about Einstein Copilot – in our AI readiness webinar on demand

  • Actionable insights: Even with imperfect data, valuable insights can be gained. Data clean-up and unification are important to realise AI’s full potential, but that can be a parallel conversation. 

As we reflect on the Week of Innovation, it’s clear that the journey forward is paved with opportunities to leverage AI, embrace change, and elevate customer interactions. But let’s not just talk about innovation, let’s embody it in every step we take! Contact Credera to schedule time with our experts and discuss how AI + Data + CRM can shape the future of YOUR business.

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