Jul 01, 2020

Whitepaper: The ultimate guide to Hybrid Cloud

James Breeze

James Breeze

Whitepaper: The ultimate guide to Hybrid Cloud

In this whitepaper, we offer practical advice on Hybrid Cloud and answer FAQs, such as 'What options do I have, how do I get the best value from these, and how would this work in practice?'

What you'll learn

Written by a panel of experts (including our CTO, Cloud vendor experts, and Cloud delivery specialists) who regularly work on complex Cloud transformations, this is a practical guide for anyone who is dipping in to, maturing, or optimising their use of Hybrid Cloud.

Fill in the form to download and you'll learn:

  1. The different Hybrid Cloud models available and their key characteristics;

  2. Guidance based on a clear ranking system on how to choose the right Hybrid Cloud model appropriate to your organisation and aspirations (e.g. cost and scale);

  3. How to architect Hybrid Cloud to optimise and control your costs, as well as to guide the right deployment decisions.

Who is it for?

This whitepaper will be most relevant to CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CIOs and Business Decision Makers with a Technology / Cloud agenda, as well as all Cloud enthusiasts.

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