TransformationDec 07, 2022

The Savvy CMO Survey Part 2: The Sprint for Marketing Innovation

Credera Team

68% of CMOs say it’s important for marketing programs at their business to be “very reactive.”

Yet despite acknowledging the significance of speed and agility, most CMOs are struggling to deliver a single marketing campaign in less than six months.

The Savvy CMO Survey

To better understand how organizations are causing these issues, we polled 200 of CMOs in both the U.S. & UK. The CMOs surveyed work at organizations with a minimum global revenue of $100M (£83M) and an annual marketing budget of at least $10M (£8.3M).

The Savvy CMO Survey Part 2 is the second report in Credera’s four-part series that explores the challenges marketers face in a privacy-first world.

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In This Report

We uncover the reasons why speed and agility aren’t more widespread in marketing organizations and present a solution that can help marketing leaders deliver quality campaigns at speed, from concept to design, activation, and optimization.

Key takeaways include:

  • CMOs top barriers to delivering quality outcomes at speed

  • 5 strategies CMOs can leverage to create more agile and innovative teams

  • Steps for acquiring and assessing data during the race for agile marketing

The Savvy CMO Survey Part 2: The Sprint for Marketing Innovation