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Setup a Silverlight 2 Development Box

Credera Team

The release of Silverlight 3 adds some great new features (, but one cumbersome obstacle now is the ability to continue development in Silverlight 2. With all the automatic updates and installation files forcing you to upgrade to 3, it was quite tough to get a new development environment up and running for developing Silverlight 2 applications for SharePoint.

Here’s a list of what I started out with on my server:

Windows Server 03, Enterprise Edition, SP2

WSS 3.0, SP1

MOSS 2007, MS Office Servers SP1

Visual Studio 2008 Professional, SP1

.NET 3.5 framework

Expression Blend

In order to get Silverlight 2 up and ready for development, you will need the following:

Silverlight 2.0 plug-in

Microsoft Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008, SP1

Silverlight 2 SDK

Silverlight 2 Developer Run-Time

These are the locations I was able to find these installs as well as the ORDER in which I installed them. It is highly important that if any of your installation dialogs say “Silverlight 3”, that you DO NOT install them. If you are targeting Silverlight 2 application development, installing Silverlight 3 will cause problems.

Microsoft Silverlight 2 SDK

Microsoft Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2008, SP1

Microsoft Silverlight Developer Package

*This package will also go ahead and install the Silverlight 2 plug-in for you. If for some reason you need an exe for the standalone plugin, you can download an install for it here:

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