Nov 30, 2023

Salesforce delivers security far beyond HIPAA

Jeff Larche

Jeff Larche

Salesforce delivers security far beyond HIPAA

When Salesforce outlined their HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule obligations, the discussion started with what reminded me of an old military phrase: task and purpose. Your task, as the marketing or tech lead of a healthcare organization, may be to secure your patients’ data to an extent where it complies with online tracking requirements. But the purpose? Think way beyond that.

In addition to getting your HIPAA ticket punched, the Salesforce ecosystem secures Protected Health Information (PHI) from all sources of exposure, including hackers.

You face many data threats from what feels like every direction. Salesforce has devised a system to reduce all of those PHI risks. Here is a partial list of the risks Salesforce has addressed:

  • Data Breaches and Data Loss

  • Weak Identity, Credential, and Access Management

  • Insecure APIs

  • System and Application Vulnerabilities

  • Account Hijacking

  • Malicious Insiders

  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

  • Malicious Use -- and Unintentional Abuse -- of their Cloud Services

  • Denial of Service Attacks

  • Shared Technology Vulnerabilities

What Credera Does Differently

Our certified Salesforce data strategists and implementation specialists provide end-to-end services designed to create and preserve a protective bubble around PHI.

What’s more, because we know these white-glove services don’t come cheap, we deliver speed-to-value by identifying and executing use cases that help you see a positive return more quickly than you might have thought possible. All with reduced threat of rework, which preserves integration budgets along with patients’ privacy.

The Bottom Line

To learn more about how Salesforce helps secure PHI, contact us for a free assessment of your current implementation and see how the Salesforce Data Cloud can seal any HIPAA vulnerabilities.

Speaking of free, consider this: If you currently have a Salesforce CRM license, you may qualify for a free Data Cloud instance.

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