DataNov 15, 2022

Personalized Marketing Meets Data Privacy Demands – sparks & honey and Credera’s Joint Culture Briefing

Credera Team

Personalized marketing matters more than ever. Consumers expect highly authentic interactions with their brands of choice. Organizations are expected to understand their consumers’ deepest needs and quickly get how to connect with their audiences — at a time when people are more tuned into privacy than ever before.

How can brands know if they’re getting it right?

In this joint culture briefing, sparks & honey and Credera teamed up to dive into the cultural tensions between consumer personalization and privacy at scale. Our panel of experts discussed new data from over 200 global CMOs and how organizations can serve the growing appetite for both privacy and personalization.

Watch the culture briefing event here:

This content was created in partnership between Credera and sparks & honey, sister agencies and part of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group (OPMG). OPMG aligns Omnicom’s global digital, data, and customer relationship management capabilities to deliver precisely targeted and meaningful customer experiences at scale.

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