CultureJun 21, 2017

Great Leaders are Lifelong Learners

Morgan Eseke and Briana Gentry

What challenges bring joy in my career? How do I give and receive feedback? How do I become more confident in my job? Who sets the standard?

The Credera consultants in the video above answer these questions.

These questions are part of becoming a leader.

Learning and growing are intricately woven into our careers—regardless of our level, title, or amount of experience.


In order to succeed in our careers, we must first learn the ropes. We must listen intently, ask thoughtful questions, provide thoughtful analysis and begin to emulate the standards we observe.

“Learning is not an option here,” says Sugandha Choudary, former senior consultant in our Analytics and Business Intelligence practice. At Credera, we are all learning together. And as we learn together, we grow in our confidence. In the video, Grace Levitte, senior designer in our Experience Design practice, explains how her team helps reinforce and refine her designs when she is unsure.


Great leaders do more than just learn. They build and create based on what they know. At Credera our goal is never to match the standard, instead we desire to be a group of individuals who innovate and go beyond ordinary.

Great leaders not only stretch themselves but also those around them. Josh Hamit, architect in our Digital practice, describes his experience helping mentor and grow others: “I am constantly able to get feedback. It’s almost like the more I try to help mentor other people, they are mentoring me every time.”

When we model personal growth by seeking feedback, asking questions, remaining curious, and taking calculated risks, others will start learning and growing with us.


The process of learning, growing, and becoming never ends. The people in this video and everyone at Credera goes through the same process. And we would all attest that you never fully arrive. Personal growth is a journey and an adventure that’s much more rewarding when you work alongside others who are aiming for the same goal.

If you are a lifelong learner, looking to take your next step in your career, we hope you will consider a journey alongside us.

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