StrategyApr 18, 2019

Capitalizing on Millennial Travel Behaviors & Attitudes

Kevin Erickson, Christian Buechel, Emily Dunn, Ben Grotta, and Daniel Hulse

Forward-looking companies in travel and hospitality are striving to win the business and loyalty of millennials.

They can do so by studying their needs and meeting them, and they can keep their millennial customers by understanding their expectations and exceeding them.

So, what do they want? Specifically, millennial travelers long to reap significant loyalty rewards that will enable their future travel endeavors. They utilize and even depend on technology at every touchpoint along the travel journey—from the first marketing impression to the car ride home after a vacation. They go where their friends and trusted influencers offer positive reviews on social media. And they want to truly experience the places they visit, not just check out the most popular tourist attractions.

In this whitepaper, we explore the strength of the millennial travel market and four millennial traits that characterize their travel behaviors:

  1. Loyal

  2. Tech Savvy

  3. Social

  4. Experiential

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