Apr 25, 2024

Activate your data more effectively with generative AI & real-time insights

Lokesh Shivalingaiah

Lokesh Shivalingaiah

Activate your data more effectively with generative AI & real-time insights

If there was any doubt, Adobe Summit 2024 made it very clear that AI is a game-changer in digital transformation. Nowhere is that more true than in areas that involve data and insights.

At this year’s Summit, Adobe introduced major innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud that leverage natively integrated generative AI to bring together customer data, content, and journeys with real-time insights to empower brands to manage their data and activate it more than effectively than ever.

Here are five ways Adobe enables its customers to take advantage of AI’s game-changing potential.

1. AEP AI Assistant

All data housed in Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) is behind the database, historically making it difficult to access and use—marketers needed some level of assistance from their IT departments for that. But the AI Assistant within AEP makes it possible for marketers working with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RT-CDP), Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO), or Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) to easily get the data they need.

This happens through a conversational interface that can answer technical questions, automate tasks, simulate outcomes, and generate audiences and journeys. For example, AEP AI Assistant can answer such questions as, “What were our top products in Michigan over the past 3 months?”

In that instance, AEP AI Assistant provides the answer along with the SQL query that brought up the data so the marketer can understand what criteria was used and leverage that analysis to build targeted audiences and engage with them more effectively.

2. Federated Audience Composition

Federated Audience Composition solves the technical issue of data redundancy and gives marketers more flexibility with the data from data warehouse partners (Amazon Web Services, Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks, BigQuery, or Snowflake).

Previously, to leverage the data to build audiences, that data had to be duplicated and stored in AEP. But Federated Audience Composition enables marketers who use Adobe RT- CDP and AJO to enrich their existing high-value audiences and attributes all in one system, enhancing flexibility with use cases and improving efficiency.

For IT teams, Federated Audience Composition eliminates the redundancy of data sets or integration patterns, improves governance of sensitive data, and helps achieve zero-data architecture. It also saves the time and effort related to hosting and managing data, enabling organizations to optimize their IT investments.

3. AEP look-alike modeling

AEP look-alike modeling empowers marketers to capitalize on data from their high-performing audiences and expand their base of target customers.

A look-alike model is a machine learning (ML) model trained on base audiences that’s used to create influential factors and similarity graphs. Marketers can then apply a look-alike model with selected similarities to their base audience to create a look-alike audience.

For example, if a marketer’s highest performing audience consists of people who like M&M’s, they might build an audience based on people who have visited the M&M’s website homepage. Based on that data, AEP look-alike modeling might build on that base audience to create a much larger audience of people who had visited the M&M’s Facebook page or Instagram page. Now that marketer’s campaigns can reach more people with very similar characteristics.

4. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Collaboration

Marketers can bring only first-party data into AEP, but Real-Time CDP Collaboration allows them to leverage third-party data capabilities in a privacy-safe environment. This will become increasingly important as we move closer to a cookie-less world.

Real-Time CDP Collaboration is a clean room application that facilitates the sharing of engagement and conversion insights from advertisers and securely integrates exposure, channel, and conversion data so marketers can get a better understanding of their audiences. A user-friendly interface makes this possible without relying on IT, and Real-Time CDP Collaboration is technology-agnostic, so it works within a marketer’s chosen ecosystem.

5. AJO B2B Edition

AJO, natively integrated in AEP, enables marketers to leverage real-time insights and AI-driven decisioning to manage customer engagement across channels. This capability had previously focused solely on B2C, but Adobe’s new AJO B2B Edition focuses on account-specific buying-group journey orchestration.

AJO B2B Edition empowers marketing and sales teams to reach buying groups within target accounts through tailored, AI-driven content and journeys. Key functionalities of AJO B2B Edition include the ability to:

  • Establish buying groups by identifying the roles involved in decision-making for your solution and allocating contacts to these groups within your target accounts.

  • Synchronize buying group journeys across channels and customize them according to an individual's role, shared interests within the buying group, industry, company size, and other factors.

  • Leverage generative AI to create personalized content for email and chat while retaining control over the approval processes.

  • Enhance reporting and improve forecasting by understanding engagement within the context of buying groups.

The bottom line

These solutions show how Adobe continues to innovate and find new ways for its customers to leverage AI technology to enhance experiences, grow revenue, and cut costs.

Our specialists have achieved specializations across an unmatched number of Adobe Experience products, enabling Credera to be one of the select few agencies in the world to hold Adobe Global Platinum Solution Partner status. Schedule a call with one of our specialists to talk about how we can put these innovations to work for your organization.

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