Jan 25, 2024

6 Reasons to fully integrate your digital B2B sales cycle

Neal Hartman

Neal Hartman

6 Reasons to fully integrate your digital B2B sales cycle

The past few years have ushered in a seismic shift in the way B2B sales are conducted. Buyers are now in control, and according to HubSpot, less than a third of them want to talk with a sales representative about product information. Virtual selling through digital platforms will become more prevalent as face-to-face interaction with customers continues to decrease.

Keeping pace with this dynamic requires an effective B2B digital sales cycle. You need a clear understanding of your customers, the ability to anticipate and efficiently address their needs, and the technology to automate processes that can slow down the sales process.

A fully integrated sales cycle, where all aspects of the cycle are connected to sources of record and to all your digital tools, lets you do all of that better and faster. It leads to increased efficiency, improved customer experience, and, ultimately, higher sales by streamlining processes and utilizing data analytics to tailor your approach.

Your sales team is still crucial to conversions, but automation and data-based analytics make their jobs a whole lot easier. Here's how.

Streamlined operations

When you have a fully integrated system, updates to information are made automatically, eliminating the need for manual updates. And incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) lets you automate many of the other manual processes involved, such as lead scoring, forecasting, and customer segmentation, freeing up your sales reps to focus on building relationships with customers.

All this saves time and reduces the risk of errors, resulting in better communication between departments, improved efficiency, increased productivity, and cost savings.

Increased marketing reach

A fully integrated digital B2B sales cycle allows you to leverage customer relationship management (CRM) and omnichannel capabilities, enabling you to track customer interactions with your company across multiple channels, including email, social media, and website visits.

AI can analyze this customer data to provide insights into behavior and preferences, giving you the 360-degree view of your customers that’s required for creating personalized marketing campaigns that resonate and increase your marketing reach. Taking it a step further, you can use AI to identify and target high-value prospects, leading to higher conversion rates and revenue growth.

Tailored sales cycle

Leveraging customer data, you can optimize your business strategies to create a sales process that addresses specific pain points and meets specific needs. Your team can then focus on the most critical tasks, rather than trying to sell to customers who aren’t interested. This approach can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty by making them feel understood and valued.

Accelerated time-to-close

By automating manual processes, such as updating customer data, and tailoring the sales process to meet customer needs, you can reduce the time it takes to close a sale, increasing revenue and enabling you to grow your business.

Inventory transparency

A fully integrated sales cycle gives your customers real-time visibility into inventory levels and tracking information, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of errors. Your customers can monitor their orders throughout the sales process, and you can automate tasks like order processing and invoicing, giving your team time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Accurate productivity reports

Automating processes and tracking customer interactions across multiple channels gives you valuable insights into your sales team's productivity. This lets you identify areas where your team can improve and implement changes that increase sales and revenue. 

The bottom line

With the help of the right tools and technology, you can leverage the latest in AI and provide your sales team members with the capabilities they need to succeed. Schedule a call with our Marketing Technology team to talk about fully integrating your digital B2B sales cycle and taking your business to the next level.

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