Jan 28, 2013

Wingstop and Credera Enhance Customer Experience Through Analytics [Video]

Credera Team

Credera Team

Wingstop and Credera Enhance Customer Experience Through Analytics [Video]

With over 600 restaurants serving buffalo-style chicken wings, Wingstop is one of the fastest-growing restaurant concepts in the U.S.

“Wingstop was founded almost 20 years ago by an entrepreneur who saw chicken wings as a center-of-the-plate item,” said Jason McEachern, VP of Technology, Wingstop Restaurants, Inc.

When Wingstop was building their first restaurant, a Home Depot clerk asked the founders what they were working on. They told her they were building a restaurant.  She asked, “What are you going to sell?” They replied, “Chicken wings.”  She then followed with, “What else?  What’s the meat?”  They reiterated, “Chicken wings.”  Thinking they were contractors for the company, the clerk said, “I would get your money very quickly, because that [restaurant] is not going to be around very long.“

Wingstop has served over 2 billion wings since the first restaurant opened in 1994.

“When you go in and order, [the cashier] said it will take 10 minutes for us to make [the wings].  The first time I was in the store, I was thinking fast food,” said a surprised Andrew Stewart, Credera Principal and Business Intelligence Solutions Practice Leader.

“They said, ‘We make it all fresh. That is the way we present our food.  We want it to be the best possible product,’” Stewart shared.

Partnering Together With Credera

“All of our clients have a vision of where they want to be,” said Stewart.  “Credera’s supporting role is helping them enable that vision.”

“As they grew, [Wingstop] didn’t grow all of their internal structures at the same time.  They had a lot of manual processes.  They really couldn’t envision how to get out of that [situation],” said Stewart.  “Credera is enabling their internal infrastructure, their reporting, and the way they look at their business. We are helping them automate a lot of their processes.”

Customer Analytics Improves Customer Experience

“Credera is allowing us to take all of the data that we already have, and actually understand our customer,” said Nicolette Tellinghuisen, Director of Customer Loyalty, Wingstop.  For example, “Know exactly where they like to buy, what they like to buy, what time of day [they are buying].”

“I think [customer analytics] is helping to make our customer experience better,” said McEachern.

“The customer wants to be treated like a person,” said Tellinghuisen.  “If Wingstop doesn’t know who you are, how are we going to do that?”

Wingstop provides a fresh, high quality product unmatched in their industry while remaining completely committed to serving their customers with excellence. Next time you are out with friends or looking for a great place to watch the big game (Hint: This year’s Super Bowl 2013 with the Ravens vs. 49ers will be a good one), drop by Wingstop, and see if you like them and the experience as much as we do.

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