Sep 11, 2020

Where Passion Meets Vision: A People-First Mentality

Ally White

Ally White

Where Passion Meets Vision: A People-First Mentality

To make an extraordinary impact on our clients, our people, and our communities.

This is Credera’s mission statement. It’s a statement we use internally to communicate our purpose as a firm and how we hope to impact the world. To illustrate the importance of how Credera’s mission casts vision, we set out to talk to a few Credera team members about how their personal and professional passions overlap with Credera’s mission as a firm. It’s rare in the working world to find the sweet spot where that happens—where the things you love most in life and the things that drive you and give you purpose are fulfilled through your nine-to-five job.

Where Passion Meets Vision at Credera

When your passions and motivations intersect with the vision of the company you are a part of, you then realize a unique fulfillment and purpose. We sat down with Anna Grace Franklin, a Senior Consultant in our Data and Analytics Practice, to learn more about her experiences at Credera.

Anna Grace is passionate about equipping people with the tools to make evidence-based, data-driven decisions. She first became passionate about this as a teacher and instructional coach. Since moving into consulting, her passions come into play as she works with clients who are thinking about how to run their business more strategically.

Anna Grace believes helping clients solve their problems means actually knowing the clients as individuals and understanding what they are trying to accomplish. Only then will those individuals make an impact on their companies. Anna Grace says that it’s people-first mentality at Credera that directly aligns with helping individuals realize the impact they can truly have.

Hear how Anna Grace’s passions meet Credera’s vision below.

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